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Because, America

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10 hours ago, Skywalkre said:

That's just NYC.  The piece I saw was referencing the country as a whole.

I know.  I was referring to the entire country.

Betcha a shiny nickle that the increase in crime is in bright blue big cities.  

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Unlike Rick, I'm going to suggest that a significant proportion of the increased murders/violent crimes are going to be domestic. NYC lockdown induced conflict inside single households resulting in a massive increase in domestic violence.

It won't be the only source of the increase, but it will be significant. Sadly, many households are dysfunctional and only avoid more deaths because the involved parties can get away from each other to cool off.

I'm basing this on anecdotal evidence that domestic violence cases in the UK are up and correlate with lockdown and furlough.

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Domestic violence is definitely up in the US, purportedly due to the stresses of unemployment.

Gang violence is also way up, at least in my AO.


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