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Very Good Footage Of British Troops Engaged In A Firefight In Afghanistan

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AFAIK, he did three series on Afghanistan. They played (at least the first season) here on television some eyears ago. I later *rented* them from the friendly bay. My opinion is you should watch them if you find the topic interesting, but it is much better if you have some background knowledge on what's happening. The first time I watched them I didn't understand much, besides of couse that he went around talking to people. Later I read a couple of (popular history) books on 3 Commando Brigade (by a Ewen Southby-Tailyour) and I felt that it added tremendously to my understanding of what I was watching on screen.

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He was best known for doing a soap called 'Eastenders', where he played a Falklands veteran PTSD. He also played an SAS Sergeant in deeply flawed (but deeply fun) ITV series called 'Ultimate Force'. Think a British version of 'The Unit' (or even a 2000's version of 'The Professionals) and you pretty much have it.


There's also this:



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That firefight looked expensive. They've been firing Javelins like they have an inexhaustible supply. :blink:


Made me think if it might've been better if they had a RPG-esque weapon instead....

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