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But those ships with twin tubes (Minekaze is the best example) allow you to make very tight patterns useful for sniping unwary targets at extreme range.


On the other end, quintuple launchers like Gearing's and, especially, Shimakaze's, spread the torps so much that at extreme range you could put a ship, broad side on, between torpedoes. And those Tier X fishes are very, very expensive.

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Phoenix can take a St. Louis if you get close enough to hit with a narrow torp spread.


I thought the end of the green area showed torp range. So what does the Long Lance 24" range image look like or did they compleatly nerf that in interest of ballance play?

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Stock it sucks but upgraded it's pretty decent. Just need to learn to stop getting into 1-1 shooting contests with St Lous-es...


Yeah, when I'm in a ship that's seriously undergunned against a St Louis, I go:





I've learned the joy of using St Louis with sequential (is that how it's called? yeah know, one gun after the other in succession) gunfire. ^_^ I noticed my hit percentage seems to be better with that kind of firing instead of single salvoes.

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So I haven't played a lot lately. The list of issues is as big as ever and turning me off. Here are the ones sticking out to me atm...


  • Carriers as a class with their current mechanics are just fundamentally poorly designed. The upcoming patch changes don't fix that or make their interplay anymore enjoyable (nor will it fix balance with IJN CVs likely still dominating at most tiers). The new fighter ability is a joke. Where's ship strafing from fighters that folks have been requesting for ages? Would be historical and also give fighter heavy loads some use. At the core, when you have to limit a class's numbers in game and match them tier for tier then that class is clearly broken.
  • The economy is broken. Part of the reason, I believe, that folks are seeing more draws as they go higher in tier is that folks are trying to minimize damage and thus expenses in battles. Also, as I pointed out before, something is wrong when you have to farm at tier 5 so you can afford ships you've researched. Never had that issue back in WoT even when I was learning the game.
  • The broken captain retraining system means you can't call this game F2P.
  • WG does absolutely nothing about trolls/TKers/griefers... nothing. If anyone has followed the WoWs subreddit there have been multiple posts by folks highlighting players who openly announce their actions on the forums (with no action taken), who have ridiculously horrible stats from said action (with no action taken), and I've mentioned before how I turned in clear evidence of players being trolls/TKers to support and nothing happened to them.

There's also issues that have been present since I got in during CB that haven't been addressed.

  • Secondaries are worthless and too easily stripped by HE fire. Folks on wotlabs say they were too OP in earlier versions of the game. They clearly nerfed them too far in the other direction, though.
  • Balance is still terrible. We're talking basics, here, of game design. HPs should go up as you go up in tier (like in WoT). Similar guns, which is even more prevalent in a game like this compared to WoT, should have slightly better stats as you tier up (which WoT does).
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BTW is the Bismarck in game already? Because at the SEASian server I don't see any German selection. Only USA, Japan, and Russia. I can't recall if there's a UK though with Warspite.

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I've experienced lag issues where a match has started for a minute already but I'm still not in the game. I reckon though that's more of my internet connection but still....


I get that and worse. my internet connection is grand, and WoT runs like a charm, so...

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Secondaries were not that great historicaly beyond very close range untill analog computers and radar came along.


This game and the air game would have been so much better if it had been broken down into historical periods like Conway's books are. They missed a huge chance there. And the design process would have been easier if they had done 1885-1905 first.

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had a game crash last night and now again, now the game client is not responding and when trying to do a bug report, it won't accept my password. I notice on 2 machines, one brand new, the game has a problem remembering my password, yet WOT does not.

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