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Number of brothers varied according to a tank crew was assigned too, it was used for T-60, T-70, Matilda (through "Candle" was more common) and Lee.

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Chris Werb was referencing the nickname that some Soviet tank crews hung on the M3 Medium: "Coffins for Seven Brothers". It's of course unlikely a Red Army crew would have written that on the front of the hull, as that would have been considered defeatism.

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Yes, as noted it was used for other tanks as well, it just got most popular for Lee. Soviet crew's nicknames were quite colorful occasionally:

SU-76 - Сука - Bitch. Among others, most other less polite than this one except "Коломбина" (which was a slightly stupid and comical character from a popular operetta) and Naked Ass Ferdinand which I think needs no explanation.

SU-100 - Пиздец всему - Fuck it all. Due the ability to deal with any German armor

Matilda - Свеча - Candle. Burned a lot

T-60 - BM-2 / Братская Могила для два - Grave for two brothers


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Ooh. Staghound MkIII!

I hope you and your friends are already making the necessary arrangements to get it to the States!


I happen to know someone working on a Staghound Project...I'll forward that to them and to Marc at VMMV as Alan has the resources to make such an acquisition.

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