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M1 Ecp Upgrades And M1A3 Program.

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Wasn't the three-color pattern originally a German design?


Much of the research of the common three colour pattern was done by Germany, but other NATO members took also part in the research including the USA. And most NATO members use variations of the pattern nowadays. Biggest exceptions are Spain, that uses just flat bronze green tone and DK & UK that use their black and green scheme that they developed together long ago iirc.

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AFAIK the biggest issues left for thermal AND visible spectrum camouflage of tracked diesel engine AFVs is the dark (visible) and hot (thermal imaging) running gear.


Everything above can be dealt with with netting / flora / mats / forced air circulation etc..


The visible darkness could be solved with LED lights (if you can keep them clean enough somehow) and regarding IIR you can at least break a lock-on by using water spray, cooling gas discharges or multispectral smoke.

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