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Lower Than A Snake's Belly - Airplanes

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I've seen a lot of these pictures before but it seems a lot of new ones have been added.


Be prepared to spend some time on the site -





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This pic reminds me of an account of a Jug pilot who was clipping grass when he saw a German soldier directly in front of him. He was so low, that the prop was going to get the soldier. Horrified, he waited for the 'thump', but nothing happened. In his mirror, he saw the soldier still standing there. Against vanishingly small odds, the prop disc apparently crossed the soldier so that he passed between the blades! :o

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Fantastic site Andreas I have book marked and will explore it more.


Great photo's all. I was once sitting not all that far from the end of the runway at Seymour Johnson AFB many years ago and a B-52 passed over on final approach low and slow. All the flaps were out and the gear was down. I've been to rock concerts and fired large caliber firearms and it was without doubt the loudest sound I've ever heard.

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