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Ignore Button?

Archie Pellagio

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I've never used it before, but my tolerance for the perpetually stupid is currently at an all time low, and there are certain individuals that make us all dumber for reading their posts.


My understanding is the forum has an ignore user feature?

How do I enable this?

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Guest Jason L

It's in the dropdown menu under your username: Manage ignore prefs.


You have to start typing their name, and then it should pop up whoever it is.

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And I would like to note Tank-net is a peaceful oasis compared with some other forums. There are things that make my neurons die elsewhere...


Aye. Especially our local forums where plenty of those posting are of the pre-teen to mid-teens and associated mentality - while many of the older ones are no different in their delusions of grandeur.


Also, those few I've used the Ignore Button aren't actively posting anymore on this Grate Sight.

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