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Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, Order Of Battle 1985

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Nice. Is it plain green or camouflage? If plain green it is likely Royal Army issue (KL on the inside label rather than KMARNS or KM), on which the marines wore their own insignia. The marines wore a mixture of army and marines clothing for quite a long time. They began wearing camouflage in the 1980s (well in advance of the Royal Army, which adopted British woodland in ±1994); apparently Whiskey Company was first (pictures from 1980 show them wearing British woodland), followed by units stationed in the Netherlands Antilles (1984, Belgian pattern with different colours). In 1989 British woodland was adopted throughout the Marine Corps; pictures from 1990 however still show combinations of camouflage and plain green army gear being worn. Later (±2000?) British woodland was changed for a US (USMC?) woodland pattern which I believe is still worn today.

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