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Interceptions Of The Tu-95 Bear And Other Lesser Aircraft

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It was suggested to make a chronological posting of Bear bomber intercept photos over the years, and I think that is a brilliant idea. Only problem is I lack the historical knowledge to do such a thing accurately, but I still think a thread dedicated to those photos and others like it would be a great idea.


In the spoiler is an animated .gif of footage of the first Bear that was encountered by the United States. Though I do not know what fighters are doing the interception.






Canadian F-101 Voodoo and a Bear



Lightning and a Bear



Harrier and a Bear


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PPRuNe's military section often harks back to the halcyon days "WIWOL" - "When I Was On Lightnings", and notes how often the QRA was stretched to the point where they had cases where the QRA refueller performed the intercepts as opposed to the fighter type. This tended to happen if a responding fighter went tech on the refuelling hose, coinciding with more than one contact.


Must have been interesting being a Lightning pilot wondering you were going to be able to refuel after an intercept, some distance out to sea.

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How about a Prowler Intruder and a TU-16


FIFY :) An EA-6A Prowler had the large fairing on its tail.



Your right Shep, but it sure does look like that Intruder has a big enough cockpit for 4 seats in the photo which lead to my misidentifying it.


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Badgers are long gone. Backfires are still operated by the Long Range Aviation Command. Some of them are receiving a modest upgrade.



"Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!"

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