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It’s probably Egyptian S300s, saw a pic of an emplacement It looks like the Egyptians are getting ready to provide cover to Haftars forces in case the Sultan with his proxies makes a move to Sirte and the oil fields.


Found it



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I think it would be a major doctrinal break from all known previous behaviour for Russia to deploy it's most advanced theatre air defense system in support of a mere colonial adventure. Even more daring than the deployment to Syria, given that its further from Russia and there is less prestige or military necessity involved in Libya. It suggests that S-400 systems in service have reached and are now surpassing a point surplus to Russian home defense requirements. That the Russians are not concerned as in the past about revealing information that might impact ECM. That given its export sales performance, any potential for a debacle which detracts from export prestige doesn't seem to be high on the worry list. That contrary to the Cold War period in which the Soviets exported basically second rate monkey models of everything, now the view has shifted around to the idea that you don't piss around with second rate, you come with your A-game.


What does it matter if it is actually the case that Russia is deploying S-400 to Africa? How did you even type that and get to the end of the sentence and still hit post?

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Major-General Vyacheslav Gladkikh was killed by a mine in near Dier ez-Zor.




He was killed alongside commander of Al-Meyaddin (city) defence and four other Syrians. Video of the incident (last words heard in Russian are "We will <pass/drive through> the territory without stop, directly to destination"

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Ok, so its not a tank, its a Bradley IFV, but there is six of them and they are deploying to Syria.


The US has deployed armored vehicles to Syria and an aircraft carrier has moved into position in the Gulf to protect American troops after soldiers were injured by a Russian military patrol last month and fears grow of a resurgence of ISIS

The Army sent in Bradley Fighting Vehicles to North East Syria to give troops more protection in the ongoing mission to defeat Islamic State, according to a coalition spokesman. 

The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier also entered the Persian Gulf Friday together with two guided-missile cruisers, allowing Navy aircraft to fly missions over Syria and Iraq and protect troops stationed in the region. 

America's ramping up of its military presence in Syria comes after ISIS claimed around 100 attacks in Iraq in August alone, sparking concerns the terrorist group is reemerging.

This comes despite Donald Trump claiming in October he had 'defeated 100% of the ISIS Caliphate' and insisting this week that American troops are 'out' of Syria.  

Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) spokesman Col Wayne Marotto tweeted Friday that Bradleys - armored personnel carriers - had been drafted in to northeast Syria as part of the fight against Daesh.

'The @coalition continues to support our partners bringing the fight to Daesh,' Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) spokesman Col Wayne Marotto wrote on Twitter. 

'Positioning M2A2 Bradley's in North East Syria provides force protection support to the continuing mission to #DefeatDaesh.'

Six Bradley vehicles, around 100 troops and some Sentinel radar systems arrived in Syria Friday, while there will also be an increase in combat air patrols with American fighter jets and drones.  

The last time Bradleys were sent to Syria was in October when they were deployed to help Syrian Democratic Forces defeat ISIS.

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