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Tell me how Idlib ends.....

Set piece battle starting with Aviation and then Artillery, followed by carving off important sectors one by one.

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Given that the Turks are reinforcing, I am not entirely convinced it will be a continuous impulse.

The Tiger Forces are certainly mixing their artillery park. This is RVGK breakthrough grade arrangements.

Their Russian/Soviet training and doctrine to the fore.

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The Turks maybe reinforcing, but end of the day we're talking about token force levels - last I heard it was ~1000 troops combined which I assume are split across the observation posts. I assume if Turkey is really going to make a move to keep the place they need a major commitment and likely will have to start shooting down aircraft. I don't think the Recepticons are willing to go that far, given the fact that it seems that Russian aircraft are participating in the bombardment. Whatever their FM says, Russia seems to have signed off on the offensive, at least its first stage..

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Don't see how China would have a role in that. But there are a lot Chechen and other ex-Russian islamic types bottled up in Idlib that they are definitely not going to allow home. End of the day, killing those guys is a much higher priority that placating Recep, and that's yet another reason the Russians will still go all in with Assad on an Idlib offensive.

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Josh....do you never tire of being played and falling for it?


It never gets old for me. Though if you're referring to my post that indicated the Turks might make a stand in south Idlib, I should have put a smiley face on. I'm on the record in this thread as saying there will be an Idlib offensive and Turkey won't do anything significant to stop it. Unless you were referring to something else.

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moderate headcutter, please. MODERATE. stay with the sheet. ;)


Hedcutters in danger :)


UK gov has cut financial support of the Free Syrian Police.






UK cuts aid funding for programmes in rebel-held Syria

Government denies decision is related to investigation which linked Western-sponsored police forces in opposition areas to jihadist groups


The British government is ending funding for aid programmes in rebel-held Syria as president Bashar al Assad moves to crush the last opposition stronghold in the war-torn country.


The security situation in Syria’s remaining rebel pockets means it is too risky to continue support for the Free Syria police force and Access to Justice and Community Service (Ajacs) programme, a government spokesperson confirmed to The Independent on Monday.


“Along with the [rescue service] the White Helmets, the Free Syrian police is one of the best revolutionary foundations we established,” Wissam Zarqa, an English teacher turned activist displaced from Aleppo to Idlib province last year, told The Independent.


“We will need to find alternative sponsors. It will be difficult,” he added.



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