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That, Sir, was designed by a cell of very drunk KGB agents infiltrated inside Fairey Aviation. Fortunately Sir Tom Sopwith woke up early enough to be able to flog this to the same firm who made the vacuum cleaners for Our Man in Havana.

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But they worked! :o


So did the SAAB J21 and Ford Pinto.


Well, they did have about the same capacity as contemporary aircrafts with half the amount of power

(Mirage III, SAAB Draken och F-104) and it wasn't even in the same league as the F-4, that had the same amount of power.


The Vuclan, Victor, Buccaneer and TSR.2 on the other hand all were (or promised to be) very competative,

compared to similar aircrafts from other countries.


The Victor could have been a very useful bomber today, if not worn out and with proper development,

being designed from a start not only for nukes, but also for conventional bombing,

with concepts that would make the old lady capable to carry as many as 76 1000 lb bombs.

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Makes a chupacabra look pretty in comparison.


Weird, I find it to have very appealing lines.



Like most aircrafts (Spitfire, P-51D, F-16 and a few more aircrafts with perfect "pretty" looks excluded), it depends on the angle.

But yes, from the right angles the Victor does have a purposeful/brutal good looks.



Low level bombing run I guess...


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There was an article in the local paper of a scientist (mathmatician) whom worked in Farnborough in the 50s and 60s, and among other things worked on Concorde. Interestingly she was German, and she (and a senior collegue) had both come over from German in a British version of Operation paperclip. Neither were tied to the nazi regime, which was a nice bonus. When her friend died, she moved out of maths and into holticulture if I remember right.


I guess that may partly explain some of the Germanic looks to some of the designs.

Well, you got your Royals from Germany, so stick with what works :). To me, though, 'German' means severe angles and flats, though one could say the Brits took those and rounded them some.

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