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Seriously though, how do you camouflage a horse? I wonder if that cameleon skin the British MOD was working on might prove practical?




How do you camouflage a truck or a tank? You can make a horse lay down. Can you make a tank

Ah, but how do you retreat while the bugger is lying down. Didn't think of that did you? ;) :P
, The Prussian tradition (they could fight neither as mounted troopers or as infantry if the need was there and were concidered the best in Europe)

Why were they considered the best then? They sound pretty useless to me!



Either. they fought as either. I think he mistyped.


But a long standing running gag was that dragoons were neither fish nor fowl, jack-of-all-trades and masters of none in the Prussian army.


But I think the duality of Dragoons wasn't as much about being infantry or cavalry, but rather about being light cavalry (recon) or heavy cavalry (battle or shock cavalry). By Napoleonic Wars Dragoons in most armies could perform both roles reasonably well and was often called "medium cavalry". In fact it appears like Dragoons/medium cavalry made up a larger part of the cavalry by late 19th century than early.


And BTW the Prussian Dragoons were good - as were most other Prussian units in 19th century.

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Hope the horse had earplugs.



I need to dig up the reference, but experiments were made during the ACW to fire Pack Howitzers tubes while secured to mules' backs. IIRC, it was said that a mule got curious, raised his head, and ended the experiments.

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