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Japan panel recommends ocean release for contaminated Fukushima water



The panel under the industry ministry came to the conclusion after narrowing the choice to either releasing the contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean or letting it evaporate - and opted for the former. Based on past practice it is likely the government will accept the recommendation.

The build-up of contaminated water at Fukushima has been a sticking point in the clean-up, which is likely to last decades, especially as the Olympics are due to be held in Tokyo this summer with some events less than 60 km (35 miles) from the wrecked plant.


Neighbors are nervous, of course.

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The best time to conduct the release of both these findings and the water itself would be now, with the world distracted by other issues such as the Australian bushfires and the Chinese outbreak.

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Since the Japan earthquake has vanished I will post this here.

There are a bunch of updates but the one that sticks out is how many people have died bewcause Tokyo won't let them go back to their homes.


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The UN has decided to side with Ghosn and his embezzlement of Nissan funds, and to rebuke the Japanese legal system in the process.

The response of Japan and Japanese to this should be delivered to Ghosn personally, as was delivered to Korea's Empress Myeongseong. By ronin.

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