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Your right Colin but this is the proposed armoured car the liberals wanted to use in Afghanistan to replace the iltis :)

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Some pictures from the 23rd K.u.K. infantry regiment's archive


Some captions, original, or told by the family:


The crown prince visits the regiment. By the time he became king, the regiment became battered, and under German command.

The enemy signaled their attack in advance. Due to solidarity we signal each other before the attack, to avoid unnecessary deaths - who knows can't hold, can retreat.

We take the cow with us even if we know that this Rusyn woman will die together with her children, because we need it.

The Russians sometimes don't want to fight, whole companies surrender. The gossip is that on our side the Czechs don't want to fight.

Who doesn't want to fight, raises his hands, and comes to us. We escort him to the back. Sometimes it is difficult to handle the prisoners. Sometimes they got shot - but only when really needed.

The press written about the barbaric destruction of goods by the Russians, but the readers were more interested in the barbaric acts of Germans in Belgium.

The fear of spies reached here, too. For example, they hanged a lot of orthodox priests.

Small patrols sent from both sides. If they found some people sleeping, they can wreak havoc, otherwise they are harmless.

It is easy to get accustomed to death. Not as esay to the dying. Some try to fetch them from the no man's land, and themselves die, too. Every dead reported as died like a hero, instantly, with last thoughts of the family - even if our own artillery killed him.

According to the Russians, the Hungarians are well-equipped. According to the Hungarians, the Russians are well-equipped. Both sides fetch the boots from the dead.

Tunnel warfare - if the attack was successful, nothing remained from the attacked. Sappers hearing for the sound of digging.

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This thing is just weird. How was its performance?

The original caption reads: "The Italian collapse in Venezia. The heedless flight of the Italians to the Tagliamento. Captured heavy and gigantic cannon in a village behind Udine. November 1917". Pictured is an Obice da 305/17, a huge Italian howitzer, one of fewer than 50 produced during the war. (National Archive/Official German Photograph of WWI)

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Picture 36 is likely a Canadian Armoured Car


Very much so. There was an excellent article a decade back in Canadian MilHist, featuring Brigadier Brutinel as the commander of these machine gun car units that figured well in stemming German offensives at Vimy and in 1918.


Found it in a pdf format: http://scholars.wlu.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1088&context=cmh


ETA: FF Worthington also had a role in this and his papers served as part of the references.

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SMS Szent Istvan capsizing



According to every documentary I've ever seen that is the Prince of Wales (and Repulse) and the Arizona and the Bismark and the Scharnhorst and every other battleship that has ever sunk from 1914-1945. ^_^

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