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Kiev Is Burning


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1 minute ago, Roman Alymov said:

Then why Lech Walesa said in 1981 when asked what they would do if the Russians occupied the country.'They can take the country, but they will never get it working again.' (quote from Stuart post above)? In your logic, Poles were allready occupied :)

We were a puppet state from the 40's, just not under direct military occupation. It became a threat during Solidarity events in 1981. No contradiction here

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No idea how accurate is this information (it is not from offical sources)

Our artillery today with an accurate blow covered the headquarters of the operational-tactical group "Vostok" of the operation of the united forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This headquarters controlled the enemy group defending from Donetsk to Mariupol.

Most of the officers of the staff of the OTG "Vostok" were killed or wounded.

According to unconfirmed information, the commander of the Vostok group, General of the AFU Sodol, was killed. Only a timely escape from the command post could save him. He simply had no other options to survive.

The management of the brigades of the OTG "Vostok" of the Ukr Army in Donbass is currently lost. The enemy is disorganized.

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4 minutes ago, jaro said:

Because back then, you had thousands of troops in Eastern Europe... I know.. we had some here as well... those places even today are environmental hazard areas due to all that fuel/oil and "who knows what" leakage... your troops behaved like true occupants...


I guess USA occupied half of the world then.

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6 minutes ago, Pleb said:

So the unit stayed in Mariupol or did they flee?

As far as i know, Azov-the-regiment is in Mariupol (or at least was - they still can get out via field roads), but Azov-the-Volkssturm is all across Ukraine.

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Pro-Ukrainians attempted to hit Taganrog airfield with Tochka-U missiles (or something like it). AD intercepted the incomming missiles, but still not clear what is the damage on the ground  - the only video i have seen is local man showing wreckage that landed in his backyard.

Quality of Soviet equipment is outstanding, 30+ years is very long time for such a complex vehicle as tactical missile.

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16 minutes ago, Pleb said:

I guess USA occupied half of the world then.

We (Poles) did not invite Red Army. We were forced to have them.

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Situation analysis from Igor Strelkov (Yandex-translated). Note he is now in Moscow as civilian person, so his data might be uncomplete

Southern Front (Mykolaiv - Zaporizhia)

On the left flank, the advance of Russian troops in the area of Nikolaev continues. Apparently, an operation to block the city will be launched today. At the same time, preparations are underway for the storming and cleaning of Kherson (it will probably also begin today). Along the lower course of the Dnieper - the situation remains unchanged (expected).

On the right flank - the advance to the north on the approaches to the city of Zaporozhye. The main efforts are still aimed at cutting off the enemy group operating in the Donbas. However, so far (also expected by me) it is far from the environment. Reports that Russian troops advancing towards us have reached the nearest approaches to Izyum, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk have not yet been confirmed (although, perhaps, I simply do not have enough information, but nothing like this is reported to me from the field). The enemy continues to withdraw troops to the west to Dnepropetrovsk, although now - under active influence from the air and with corresponding heavy losses.

On the Donetsk front

On the southern flank (the region of Mariupol and Volnovakha), the DPR units fought heavy battles and had tactical successes, occupying a number of settlements in the depth of the enemy's defense. Mariupol, however, as of yesterday evening, had not yet been completely blocked, although the transfer of large units from and to the city was already impossible due to the impact of artillery and aviation. Also Volnovakha - there is no data about its complete environment, and the settlements west of the city that need to be occupied for such a blockade are not yet occupied (their capture has not been reported). At the moment, Volnovakha is covered from the south (the road to Mariupol in the Granitnoye area has been cut), from the east and from the northeast.

In the central sector, the enemy retains all advanced positions and conducts brutal shelling of advanced units of the DPR Armed Forces and settlements, primarily Donetsk, Gorlovka, Makeyevka and Yenakiyevo, as well as a number of other settlements. There is a lot of destruction, there are victims and wounded among the civilian population.

On the right flank (LNR). From the Svetlodarsk Arc to the Seversky Donets, the enemy continues to maintain its line unchanged. To the north of the specified river, the APU continues to retreat in an organized manner (albeit with heavy losses), leading rearguard battles. In all likelihood, Severodonetsk will not be left without a serious battle (today I expect battles for the city and its surroundings).

Central Front

The left (southern) flank. From the most important site (on which it was necessary to concentrate (in my opinion) initially the main efforts, since it is here that it is necessary and still possible to solve the task of completely encircling the Donetsk grouping of the Armed Forces) - reliable information was not received. As stated above, the locals do not know anything about the breakthrough of Russian troops to Izyum, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, and I do not have any other information at my disposal. Let's hope that the statements made by the enemy about the preparation of these cities for an imminent assault have serious grounds. Until the Russian troops reach the nearest approaches to these settlements, only Yuri Podolyaka and an unnamed "veteran of the Vostok battalion" can confidently talk about the "imminent encirclement of the entire AFU group."

The central section. I am waiting for basic information from Kharkiv. Until the city is taken, further progress to the west will inevitably stall. Fierce street battles with varying success were going on in Kharkiv all day yesterday. As a positive factor, it should be noted that (after the day before yesterday's losses) Russian forces are actively using aviation and all types of heavy weapons to destroy the strongholds of the AFU and "Terbatov". I believe that the battles for the city will not end today and will continue for another day or more (much depends on the tactical decisions of the commanders fighting there, on the spirit of the defending units, etc.). It will be necessary to "clean up" the same city from small enemy groups many more times and later. In any case, there is no doubt that Kharkiv will be liberated. The only question is "when".

The advance of Russian troops in the direction of Poltava, the siege of Sumy and Chernihiv also continues. According to some reports, the delay in the storming of the above-mentioned settlements is due to the lag (for a number of subjective reasons) of the units and formations intended for this purpose with the arrival in this area.

District of Kiev

In the northern sector, Russian troops advanced to the suburb of Kiev - Brovary and began to form the "eastern" front of the blockade of the city. I do not expect attempts to break directly into Kiev before pulling up and concentrating sufficient forces today. The most likely attack of Russian troops on Boryspil with the aim of capturing this largest airport and cutting off Kiev from communication with the southeastern part of Little Russia (along the Kiev-Lubny highway). I think it is possible to mark this promotion as the most serious success of yesterday.

The right-bank section. Fierce fighting continued on it yesterday with heavy losses on both sides. Russian troops continued to expand and deepen the breakthrough both to the south and to the west. On the outskirts of Kiev, fighting continued in the area of the settlement of Irpen, in the west - for the city of Borodyanka, in the south, Russian troops cut the Kiev-Zhytomyr highway and continued to advance in order to intercept the Kiev -Bila Tserkva highway. I believe that it is the latter direction that the main efforts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will be directed today. And accordingly, the enemy also (realizing the danger of a complete blockade of Kiev from the south) - will provide the most fierce resistance there. I note once again - in fact, the fighting is taking place in a zone of continuous development, interspersed with suburban areas and industrial zones. For the attackers, such a landscape presents the greatest difficulties and requires a lot of additional forces to control the territories already traversed. But the forces are coming - I know that for sure.

General conclusions.

Despite the fierce resistance of the AFU and Terbatov, as well as objective difficulties with supplies, the offensive of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues on all sectors of the front. At the same time, taking into account the acquired experience, the command has not yet made deep, but unsecured breakthroughs by the second echelons in order to avoid unjustified losses from the actions of enemy mobile groups on communications. The second echelons are being actively and urgently pulled up, measures are being taken to urgently recruit and transfer units and units of the commandant's service to the Theater of Operations. And the hasty formation of new ones on the territory of the Russian Federation has already begun (which pleases).

The main offensive combat operations for today will be conducted in the area east and west of Kiev, in Kharkiv, in the Donbas and in the Zaporozhye region. Perhaps - near Poltava.

The enemy will continue to put up fierce organized resistance in the hope of shackling Russian troops with battles deliberately left surrounded by garrisons of "fortresses" (Kharkiv, Mariupol, Sumy, Chernihiv, Volnovakha, possibly - Severodonetsk, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk) and trying to prevent the complete encirclement of Kiev (whose garrison will soon be surrounded forcibly). At the same time, the enemy will continue to form a defense in the Dnepropetrovsk area and hastily create as many units of "territorial defense" as possible through active mobilization (which, alas, was a very large percentage of those called up).

I expect new operational successes of the Russian troops for today, but not a strategic reversal of the situation towards the defeat of the main groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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2 minutes ago, Cynik75 said:

We (Poles) did not invite Red Army. We were forced to have them.

In which case freedom loving Poland should not have accepted Kosovo independence, also done by uninvited troops, especially considering previous Serbian/Yugoslavian-Polish relations. But your now boss insisted and you have decided, for a first time in the history to be a good subjects instead of standing bravely for freedom like you did before...


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2 minutes ago, Frisky said:


Russian Jew born in Lvov and now under US sanctions :) He will definitelly loose part of his posessions, not surprising he is complaining.  Personally, i think it is good.

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15 minutes ago, Markus Becker said:

Info on the Russian comms situation etc. in Ukraine:


Thank you, this is a brilliant thread, and supports suspicions based on things seem elsewhere.

This I found deeply moving, poor little sod.


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Just now, sunday said:

This is funny...


Copyright is everything. :D

Told you that "Space Merchants" is today's world how-to manual. :)

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1 hour ago, Stuart Galbraith said:

 its clear to see that, at least as far as economic development, the EU has been an unparalled good for Europe. Ive great issues with it, but I wish we were still in it.

Me too, we had the ideal balance of EU benefits with control over our own currency. We even got a special rebate FFS. 

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1 hour ago, bojan said:

Stupid memes and handful of light weapons =/= actual support Stuart.

Did not want to degrade discussion, but since it is again on the level of memes and twatter shit, I will post this.

This is Ukrainian channel (from Nikolaev) with historical reenactment, mostly concentrated on what soldiers ate (it is great BTW if you understand Russian). Review of British MRE is basically "Let's see what kind of food enabled British to run so fast from Afghanistan and now Ukraine". Title is "MRE of the British instructors in Ukraine! Why did they evacuate so fast?":

Oh and a review of MRE is also quite interesting, he notes that even old pre 2014. Ukrainian and Russian MREs are basically way better for an average soldier.


Where to start? 

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37 minutes ago, Simon Tan said:

East bank. And Europe has nukes. French ones.

My bad, of course.

If you are a Pole today, would you think that French nukes are keeping the Russians away?

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