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Upload Limit Of 1.44Kb Wtf

richard g

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When I first came back here there was no problem uploading suitably compressed pics, since then a limit of 1.44kb has been imposed which effectively means that official pics/papers can not be uploaded to support my assertions. No such limits imposed on the knockers apparently. Topics are just a hobby to me, but apparently very serious to others. Pathetic.

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For images there is the ImageShack for example.


For files, you can use a variety of tools (Imageshack, Rapidshare...), including Google Drive (for example here is a book on German artillery I saved there some time ago).



When I try and use imageshack now I get an error message "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."


Any suggestions? I've been using imageshack for some time and would really prefer not to start over at another hosting service. Didn't used to have any problems until the latest changes in the forum software.

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Use tumblr.com

Unlimited storage, up the 10 megs per pic, free hotlinking, easy upload.

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