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Lend-Lease In Korean-War Service

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Doing some homework for a hopefully-upcoming P-39 build, I ran across a snippet which said that Airacobras were in service with the Soviet Air Force during Korea.


Given the variety of aircraft provided to the Soviets by LL, what other types were flown against the UN, in Korea?






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They may have been in service, but didn't flew in Korea. A couple of regiments were equipped with P-63s (not P-39s) in the Far East, but Soviet air force units sent there were equipped with MiG-15s and the NKs, flew late model Yaks and Lavochkins, plus Shturmoviks.

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From Wiki


On 8 October 1950, two USAF F-80Cs from 49 FG breached the USSR's border and attacked Sukhaya Rechka airfield (31 km / 25 miles SW of Vladivostok and 100 km / 66 miles from the Soviet-Korean border[15]), making two strafing runs before returning to their home base. Although Soviet sources claim the attack was intentional, the pilots claimed it was a result of a navigational error.[16] The airfield belonged to the VVS TOF, but it was occupied by the 821 IAP / 190 IAD. Mostly aircraft of the 1st Squadron of 821 IAP were hit with 12 P-63s damaged, one P-63 burned to the ground while the other damaged aircraft were able to be repaired. No human losses were suffered.[17]

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