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Good Old Fashioned Tank P*rn

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7 hours ago, DB said:

If you want to determine whether a tank can make it up a particular gradient, you will want that gradient to stay the same angle for repeatability, especially if you're comparing competing prototypes. Even though I'm sure you could rebuild a dirt slope every time you ran a tank up it, it's not exactly practical.

Not to mention having to not only repair the slope every time it rains, but ensuring the soil has the same moisture content day to day and test to test.

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From other forum, 1st (front) and 2nd (rear) M-84 modernization demonstrators:


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No one knows. There are a lot of bombastic claims, like zero-series (one company?) until the spring of 2021, but it is a part of the local political dog and pony show, so it might actually get upgraded or it might go nowhere.

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On 10/11/2020 at 6:12 AM, Interlinked said:

Honestly I'd be more concerned about mud regularly obscuring the headlights than whatever they do to the armour.

Headlights are mostly used for administrative moves, you don't do tactical stuff with headlights on.  Since most admin moves are made on paved or surfaced roads mud isn't much of an issue. I'd be more worried about how to effectively cover those very bright and shiny lights.

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