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11 hours ago, DKTanker said:

Depends on the model of M4.  M4s with the HVSS suspension (example M4A3 (76)E8 shared the same track (23" wide 6" pitch) as the M26, M46, and M47.  The M48s and M60s share the same track (28" wide x 6" pitch), and the M1s have their own track.  So the answer is no, the connecting fixtures, while similar, are not interchangeable except within their respective groupings.

Maybe he means the 'track jacks', which haven't changed much at all between the M4 and M1?



track jack.png

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41 minutes ago, Harkonnen said:


Thanks. I mean this device on the photo above.

Well, they have changed over time.  Track jacks for the M48/M60s aren't left handed and right handed nor do they have the built in end connector puller.  I don't know that the track jacks for the earlier M4s would physically work on the larger track of later tanks.  They might.  For the M4s with 23" track through the M1, I think it quite possible that the same pair of track jacks could be used to connect all of their tracks.

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