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Export-Only Tanks & Other Afvs

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Following on from the mention of the Vickers Mk 7 & its export-only predecessors, I wonder what other AFVs there have been which were designed from the outset to be for export, rather than the home

army - & what was their success rate? I suspect quite a few fell by the wayside. It'd be interesting to consider to what extent this was due to lack of government support..


Off the top of my head, I can think of the Vickers Mk 1 (very successful in numbers), & Mk 3, & OF-40, all of which were sold to at least one customer. Wasn't there also an unsuccessful (as in no sales) German export-only tank that came out of the German participation in the TAM project?


If I dig out my old Janes recognition guides I'm sure I'll find a few others, mostly APCs & the like rather than tanks, but I'd rather kick off a discussion than present a list.


We might also consider export-only SP artillery.

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Chinese MBT-2000 and Type-59M.


Actually, the number of Chinese export-only AFVs is quite large because the PLA prefers to tell the various NORINCO design houses to try to sell their gear abroad first before even considering domestic adoption. There's a sort of logic in this: If it's good enough for foreigners used to Russian and Western gear, then it's qualified for induction in the PLA.

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French AMX40? Though thats cheating as its really an AMX30 with refinements.


AMX 32 was an AMX30B with a new power pack, a FCS, a fire on the move capacity for TC only.


AMX40 was a new tank: new chassis with high power ratio engine, new turret, a total fire on the move capacity, new 120mm gun,




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didn't The name change to t-90 come from Marketing department because of the exploding T-72 in Iraq?


T-72M4CZ is meant for export iirc


most ukranian T-72 models are for export


MBT2000 & 3000 from China

MBT2000 (M60 with Abrams turret) from US of A


M-84AB from Croatia


from Germany only the Vickers Mk.7 comes to my mind as it used a Leopard 2 hull.


PT-91 Pendekar for Malaysia



Christie's tanks were private ventures.

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@Stuart, it was LAV turret.


@Panzermann I do not believe that T-72G is anyclose to real designation code, I didn't seen in any russian language literature such designation code.

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yeah you are right. Was from the top of my head and this old incorrect designation for the NVA T-72 was stuck there still. Must have been a NATO intelligence thing or something.

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I always thought this one was cute, like an American BRDM:


the turret looks like the same one on the Hotchiss APC of 1950-60's fame.


Which is another export-only vehicle isn't it? French vehicle only used by West Germany.

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Vickers 6-ton was one of the most exported and copied tanks of the 1930s


Marmon-Herrington was originally intended for the USMC, but most were bought by the Dutch for the NEI


M-47 was a back-up in case the M-48 failed. While the 8th Army in Korea had M-47 for a time, it was a real staple of the MAP programs even if you don't count the fabled 200 ARVN M-47.

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The M60 upgrades i.e. "M60T" etc. sold to Turkey by GDLS/Israel amount to a recent export tank [edit, this is excluded as a category in the OP -- sorry!]. They were outgrowths of the Super-60 GDLS tried to sell as the M-1 was fielded, then they offered an M-1A1 turret in the last iteration "M60-2000," but it was not accepted once the Leos began to flood the marketplace after CFE and the Israelis offered them a Merkava turret upgrade package.


M47 perforce became surplus and for sale/MAP once the M48 became evaluated [prematurely] as a success. I was surprised to learn in March that it competed with Centurion for the mid-1950s Swiss medium tank requirement, and somehow lost [ducking for cover]!


The Marmon-Herrington Company started with tanks IOT compete for a Persian contract, delivering the CTL-1. The CTL-3 was the model built for the USMC contract, others were sold or LL to Latin American countries in WWII and the CTL-4 series and the AA tank were for the Netherlands East Indies govt, as noted above.


Richard, I thought the M47 never made it to Korea, except for five early production vehicles. The M46 remained in 8th Army [and 1st Mar Div] because the armistice froze the weapons inventory in-country. The MAP M47s to ROK likely came after the M48 was US Army standard? Just wondering.


J Walter Christie certainly tried to be an export tank mfg.


There were several AFVs incl some sort-of tanks offered in the 70s onward by Allis Chalmers, Cadillac-Gage, FMC and AAI. The last, you will recall, had been the main contender for the USMC MPWS, using the ARES 75mm automatic HV gun, but the US refused them an export license for such a hot gun.

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Malaysia has a whole fleet of export only specials, SIBMAS 6x6(from a now defunct Belgian company, only user), Kondor 4x4s (Thyssen-Henschel, not used by BW), Scorpion 90s (never used by UK), Stormers(also not UK config), Bumar PT-91M MBT (export only for Poland) etc.

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