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World Of Warships

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3 hours ago, DB said:

But remember, according to SubOctavian, only professional software developers have the right to criticise.

The Russian aircraft carriers are hilarious, too. Well, Chkalov anyway.

Well, there are rumors something is coming in the near future that will replicate WOWS without the non-sense. 

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A bug was discovered in torpedo aiming a few months ago. If you were turning when you launched torpedoes, they would miss in the direction of the swing, rather than the going in the direction of the aiming triangle, as if they were adding in the rate of change of the angle to the launch direction.

They "fixed" this in the latest patch, but instead of going to the point of aim indicated by the white triangle, they now apparently go towards the aiming reticle. It's not entirely obvious, but apparently the reticle doesn't point in the direction of the white triangle when it's aimed close to your own ship. This can cause major angle errors, apparently even allowing firing of torpedoes outside of allowed firing arcs.


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