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The 'vladmir Putin Rocks' Thread


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- POTUS is an Ivy League grad with a fat ego and anorexic intellect

- economy still in the crapper after a market meltdown and massive gov't intervention

- government regulators and enforcers swarming over the country like fire ants on crack

- Green Bay Packers dashing the hopes of their fans at the end of the season

- executive branch preparing for a war its citizens want no part of

- State Department getting its foreign policy cues from Moscow



- same difference

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so... in 8 years you will be the undisputed economical powerhouse in the world, armed with new awesome weapons. and lead by a man who stood in the shadow of his boss and suddenly turned out to have balls of steel.Biden?


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"Although you have Clinton shooting ducks, you never see it. Although Rick Perry says he enjoys hunting, you don't see it. They say they do, but they don't. Obama says he shoots skeet, but they only released one picture," Young says. "Here's a guy out there fishing, with no qualms. He's like, 'You don't like it? Tough.' Then he'd escalate and do more."




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So now that Putin has held Obama's sweaty balls in his hands, I wonder if he feels unclean?


You can just imagine how Putin describes Obama while in the steamhouse after a few shots of Vodka: "Man, he is not a man...."

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You can just imagine how Putin describes Obama while in the steamhouse after a few shots of Vodka: "Man, he is not a man...."


I think if you said "bathhouse" and "free vodka" you'd have Obama leave tire tracks over you. . . if you catch my drift.

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Vlad the Immortal


Unless it is some kind of 12 Monkeys time traveling thing. :P




When I was a child there was a czechoslovakian (i think) TV series with a time machine looking like a Lada Niva. Maybe he "adopted" it after the series was ended?

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Ive never heard so much narrow minded crap in my life. Yes, Cromwell slaughtered Wexford, which is morally troubling. But contrary to several hundred years of hype, he spared women and Children, and it was standard practice to kill those men who resisted in fortified towns if they didn't surrender, and not just in England. That was a practice that was visited all over Europe.


And I've never read such revisionist claptrap.

He did no such thing.


Up to 40% of the total people massacred after Wexford was taken (whilst the negotiations to surrender was in process by the way) were non combatants, the vast majority being women and children.


I live in Wexford.

You may want to come and visit The Bullring, the historic square (and just one area) where 300 civilians slain (including women and children) in The Sack of Wexford were massacred.


You also seem willing to ignore the civilians (women and children included) massacred in The Siege of Drogheda.

You may want to review Cromwells own words in that regard.


And let us not forget Cromwells men did the subsequent systematic destruction of foodstuffs and forcible evictions (ethnic cleansing in todays parlance) of families off their land in Counties Clare, Wexford, Wicklow, and Kildare.


When Cromwells forces had eventually finished, 40% of Irelands population had either been killed or starved to death.


And whilst massacred did happen elsewhere and weren't extremely unusual for the times, to present it as standard modus operandi is nonsense.


Like on the other thread about the Boer War Concentration Camps, there seems to be an unwillingness to acknowledge the atrocities, and indeed distasteful revisionism to airbrush them out in certain, but by no means all quarters in the UK.


I guess some of the subjugated remember with hate because they were thick and mistaken, and simply couldn't see the benign benevolence, equality, and enlightenment that was the true aim of The Empire.

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