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On Siegfried, encounter. I cover the field, because there is almost always stuff to shoot there. I finish off a T-150, a light, an E2 retreats, and I shoot at some more random stuff.

We are eventually down to 3 tanks; me, KV-2 and a Hetzer. Enemy has 6. Given what they have left, after someone tells me to watch for the E2, I answer that we will lose either way.

I head to town, run into a T-34 (85?, type? cant remember). I put one round into him, waiting for him to shoot me (I have still not been hit). Instead, one of my teammates finishes him off. Odds better.

Now KV-2, Hetzer and me goes to cap, we finish off a Hellcat and one more. Now we are facing a churchill, an arty and the E2. KV-2 and Hetzer cap, I head for arty, which I find and kill. The E2 is finished by my team-mates. Lastly I find Churchill and kill him.

Only 5 kills for me, but +1500 xp, no hits taken, much damage done and a fun match.

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Only needed 500 exp to finish the second skill on my JT88 crew, ended up with this battle:

Victory! Map: Fisherman's Bay 02 February 2013 15:58:39

Vehicle:: 8.8 cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger

Exp: 1,990 + Credits: 120,682

Achievements: : Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

3.9k dmg B)

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Tier 10 Brits might be useless in Clan Wars, but they can be pure pub stompers:



Victory! Map: Cliff Saturday, February 02, 2013 10:38:15 AM

Vehicle:: FV215b

Exp: 2,600 (x2) + Credits: 54,549


4315 damage


Victory! Map: Steppes Saturday, February 02, 2013 10:48:23 AM

Vehicle:: FV4202

Exp: 2,448 (x2) + Credits: 57,702


3946 damage

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These always make bad days more bearable.



Battle: Fjords Saturday, February 02, 2013 5:46:29 PM

Vehicle: T34

Experience received: 3,350 (x2 for the first victory each day)

Credits received: 118,732

Battle Achievements: Sniper

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Victory! Map: Port 03 February 2013 14:59:52

Vehicle:: Panther-M10

Exp: 3,272 (x2) + Credits: 64,290

Achievements: : Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"



Victory! Map: Erlenberg 03 February 2013 15:12:29

Vehicle:: M6

Exp: 3,732 (x2) + Credits: 45,036

Achievements: : Radley-Walters's Medal, Top Gun, Reaper


The m6 one was great fun, we were losing until I started getting kills and it just snowballed from there.

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Just got Oskin's medal with the M4...


But overall w/r is pretty bad. I only played cause my brother was on and we didn't have a ton of luck.

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Love this new event they have going on. Still hate the 59-16.



Battle: El Halluf Tuesday, February 05, 2013 9:22:14 AM

Vehicle: 59-16

Experience received: 3,136

Credits received: 32,088

Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Sniper, Sharpshooter

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Reminds me of the time I let my 4yo twins play with the M6A1E2, one drove, the other gunned. They drove at random firing here and there and when the game ends I note that they killed a Panther II entirely by chance from the other side of the map...

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Running a Matilda this morning. Moving through the town in Fisherman's Bay with 2 teammates. Helped dispatch a Churchill I without much fuss, then ran into a KV-1. I put 18 rounds into the side and front of the KV while it contemptuously ignored me. Did 101 points of damage but it was finally killed by someone else. We won, but my inability to get a kill was frustrating.

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Battle: Mountain Pass Wednesday, February 06, 2013 4:13:15 PM

Vehicle: Type 58

Experience received: 3,291

Credits received: 38,079

Battle Achievements: Steel Wall, Top Gun, Sniper, Spartan, Reaper, Mastery Badge: "1st Class"

At first my jaw dropped and I wondered what in the world I would need to do to get an Ace badge. Then I remembered the event going on gives you 1500 xp. I can breathe easy again. :D

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Was in AMX50-120 in Sand River, west base. Went to the NE corner to encircle enemies, but the pesky ones were waiting. So, after emptying a clip, retreated to reload escorted by a couple of enemies, AMX13-90 and T-54, in close proximity, and angling for a early end of game for yours truly.


So I was reloading, defenseless, and those two were in close contact, trying to ram and nailing me in different ways.


Then I was dead. Out of the blue came a 203mm shell from a Obj.212. Reading the lower right corner I see my tormentors are also dead, killed by a 212. I was beginning to get angry at our arty, when I realized that we did not have 212s in our team, but enemy team did.


So, that 212 did achive a not easy feat - a triple kill. Pity 2 of those 3 were friends, and he broke his team's defense of north flank. Easy win for ours, with lot of laughs.

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Great game which summed up how I wish all games went.



Battle: Ensk Thursday, February 07, 2013 10:57:36 AM

Vehicle: Type 58

Experience received: 1,216

Credits received: 26,172

The stats are nothing impressive but that's not why I loved it. Basically I was with a team that played smart and won the fights they should've won (and I pulled my weight as bottom tier to help that happen).


I was alone in the NE corner (we were northern team) with a P2. I was rather nervous because I had no idea what was coming our way. Then a Type 59 charges the P2. We were up in those buildings north of that train yard with all the piles in it. I come in from the side and get in several shots on the Type 59. Then an explosion hits near me and I zoom the camera around and a T25/2 is coming up behind. Shortly thereafter a SP also shows up.


So, it's me at tier 6 in my Type 58 with a P2 against a two tier 8s and a tier 7. We should be hosed. We're not. The P2 and myself used our speed and the buildings to outmaneuver the enemies and prevent shots on ourselves. I ended up dying, but I got one kill and the P2 got the other and he walked away with over half his life.


In most games when I would look up at this point I'd see our other group, which had numbers, had been wiped out somehow. Not this game. They won their fight as well and the game was almost a blowout.


Teammates that know how to play. Folks who pull their weight. I'd gladly have every game go like this for lower personal stats (kills, damage, etc.).

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Most epic game ever :)




Battle: Dragon Ridge 07 February 2013 20:43:50

Vehicle: M4 Sherman

Experience received: 3,045

Credits received: 64,243

Battle Achievements: Top Gun, Defender, Lavrinenko's Medal II Class


And I have replays off :(

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I had one of those strings yesterday that endears you to the game, other than the 15-0 game posted in the mouthbreathers thread.


On the KV-4 on the highway map, our right flank got outmaneuvered and outfought with a bunch of enemies going for cap while the left flank cleared the town, rather than the usual rush to enemy flag, the whole group but one turned back and an epic fight for our flight ended up with my team winning.


On the M5 on steppes, most of both teams ended up being wiped off but with 3 enemies capping and 4 of us left vs 5 of them (including a Matilda), I went back to break cap, killing a 38NA and a M5A1, while their other 38 ran off :closedeyes: and the other guys capped for a win.

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@ RIPper - wow....


Victory! Map: Himmelsdorf den 8 februari 2013 10:04:05

Vehicle:: T1 Heavy Tank

Exp: 1 677 + Credits: 43 074


Nothing extraordinary. Except of course at start someone says "nothing to win on hill blah blah".

Yep, I rolled hill. With some assistance. We won 15-1 in kills. Only 5 kills for me, but - I did more damage alone, than the whole enemy team combined. :D

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Oh man:


Wins / Battles 4 / 4 100%

Avg. / Total Exp. 1 193 / 7 028

Credits total 54 533


The avarage is without the first 3x...


All battles in T1 Heavy. Can a tank be too easy to play sometimes? First battle, one t5 on each side on arctic. Was like... know those "on-rail-shooter-slot-machines". I just drove forwards and shot up things as I go. No tactics needed - at all.

Got gready on 2nd battle, after 4 kills I got killed by a SU-5, acknowledged him for that.

On 4th battle a Panther tried to ram me frontally. He probably had too low speed, because... well, I wasted him frontally in close-quarters. First shot in underbelly when he crested, then gold until he died. I think that was one sour Panther-driver. I think he did about 200-300 damage to me in total, while I killed him from around 70-80% frontally. And he had help from a PzIV after a while, I almost got him too, but only took him down to like 10%.

This tank is crazy! :ph34r:

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