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First impression is quite possitive, the interface is much easier to use and the game plays smoother (but not as fluid as I would like). Haven't tried scenario design yet, because it's quite irritating to get sunk(shot down all the time :( ;)

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Missed Harpoon, so ended up buying C:MO.

Initially I wasn't very happy that it didn't have many scenarios available, but the good news is the steam community workshop has plenty of community scenarios you can download for free that'll keep you busy for a while without having to pay for the addons.

So far I like it. The scenario editor is nice if a bit tedious, there is no Ctrl+Z / undo if you accidentally mess something up.  You can edit loadouts for ships (add phalanx, lasers, or whatever) but would like to have been able to edit loadout possibilities for hypothetical aircraft.

I kinda missed the little animation of weapon impacts on your ships that I remembered harpoon having back in the day, you can see something similar by buying Tacview but I wasn't really interested in it that badly!

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You should download Community Scenario pack, it has loads of scenarios. And more are coming regularly.

You can download it from here: https://www.warfaresims.com/?page_id=1876

with Description and Image packs too.

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