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And additional "quick fix" (full build 553) available..more performance tweaks. Link as above.


RC6 RELEASE NOTES (changes since B552)

- 0007796: Interceptors chasing satellites
- 0007793: Build 552 error when trying to manual control a/c
- 0007794: [552] Error Message Throttle/Altitude window
- 0007788: B552 - Value out of range when opening throttle window

* Additional performance tweaks

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Something amusing to read, recommended. It is hilarious After Action Report from one Command player. Comments are priceless.




I am laughing so hard.... :D :D :D

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From Sardaukur's link:




Man, imagine what it would be like being the guy having to tell poaw's superiors what he's doing.

"One of our planes maaaay have sank a Russian ship. It was by accident though!"

"Ok, yes, we're deliberately targeting the Russian SAM sites. But we don't want them to do that thing where they stop us from liberating the Syrians, and this is the best solution the admiral came up with."

"Yes, we are targeting Russian ships in the area. Yes, civilian ships may have been hit in the process. The admiral's hopeful this whole thing will just blow over in the long run though."

"Can you guys tell the Israelis to target the Syrians and not us with their SAMs? I mean, really, I think we didn't do anything to them..."


Oh my lawd I am crying in laughter right now! :lol:

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Command gets Wargame of the Year Edition:




Now we are pleased to announce that we are combining all post release updates, as well as a huge number of user-created scenarios into one comprehensive Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Wargame of the Year Edition! In addition to the official included scenarios, a large number of user-created scenarios are freely available from the WarfareSims download site and players will be able to fight online in PBEM mode with Baloogan's free Joint Command multiplayer add-on.

Of course these new improvements come free to all existing owners of Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, and we would like to give a big thank you to all who contributed to the success of Command by providing feedback and working on user created content. We could not have done it without you!

The Wargame of the Year Edition will start off a new chapter in the Command series, as it will form the foundation for future improvements and editions. At the same time we will also try bring the game to a new audience which will see a Steam release of the Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of the Year Edition.

Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations Game of the Year Editionwill be available on the 26th of September on our stores and Steam. A Steam key of the game will be available for anyone who already owns a copy of the game.

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Well, the Steam sale got me....after a few scenarios it seems to be lots of fun. Just one negative - the UI is a bit weird, almost modern but with some strange twists.


It's ongoing project..and I am one of the Beta Testers...so if you have ideas of enhancement, feel free to tell and I'll pass it to devs.

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Finally bought this because of the Steam sale. It's great so far. It does seem to be a little too much like my day job to be just entertainment though. :) At any rate, I can already tell I'm going to be playing this game a lot.

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Well, I can tell you there are some fairly advanced enhancements planned in future. Including Advanced Strike Planner for air ops, including ToT attacks etc.

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Command: MANO is on sale on Steam until Dec 2nd for $49.59 USD !! :)


Also, Public Beta 1.05.2 has been out for a while and will be soon replaced by new Public Beta with quite massive enhancements.


1.05.2 info here:



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