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The Us Xm-1 Program (History, Competition, Decision)

Jim Warford

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Meanwhile US Army is allready thinking about M1 replacement for the long term (after 2020-2025).




BTW read the Ground Combat Vehicle program part, it is clear there that they want to expand GCV program, and new Infantry Fighting Vehicle is called there as first increment of the program, so my suspicions are probably right that under the GCV new tank and self propelled howitzer might be designed as well.


It is worth to keep an eye on the modernization, might be interesting.

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When did they switch from Cherry Juice hydraulic fluid to the more piss colored hydraulic fluid? Think they still had some cans of cherry in stock since someone showed me a can back in summer of 92. Unless, I don't remember correctly or someone was messing with me.


I very much remember sponging up the piss juice from under the turret floor since a leak was one of the deficiencies my track had before tank turn in.

The last time I recall using Cherry Juice was in March of 1980 at Ft. Hood. Just as I was PCSing we were receiving new (rebuilt) M60A1 RISE which used FRH and we had all manner of safety briefings and the such to ensure we didn't mix the two together. It was my understanding that the new seals weren't compatible with cherry juice. When I got to Germany in late April they hadn't been using cherry juice for quite some time. However, the M88s and AVLBs were still using cherry juice. And I suppose they continued to do so until they turned in their ragged out vehicles for new ones.

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Maybe when I finally get my licentiate (I think it is called bachelor's degree in the Anglophone countries) I will have time to start collecting and systematize data + definetly I will need to go to USA for some data and to make photos... of course if Yanks will allow me to do so... You know, we Poles still have problems to get in to US.

That's weird, you typically don't want poles in the right half plane (eastern hemisphere) :)



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the littlefield museum sold it to me


everything at the littlefield has now been donated to the collins foundation. they are going to move some of them and auction off the rest.


the only thing i did to the xm1 was straighten out the fenders a little and install a barrel and mantlet.

then just pressure wash and paint.

no engine or trans.


i will try and get more pics posted tomorrow.

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Meanwhile at AUSA, GDLS presented M1A2SEP hull technology demonstrator with diesel engine.




The K1 looked like one of the XM-1 prototypes. IIRC, one of those US companies helped the Koreans do the K1.


Initially K1 was developed or codeveloped by GDLS which earlier was created by GD from Chrysler Defence division where M1 was designed.

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Meanwhile at AUSA, GDLS presented M1A2SEP hull technology demonstrator with diesel engine.




What engine model ? The Cummins/Allison XAP-1000 compact Diesel ?


I still to this day do not understand why they didn't yet replaced the AGT-1500 by the promising LV-100-5 gas turbine. :(

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