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And We Are Off To The Races

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It's still your choice to make it political. I say, whatever "reason" he left in a note is still irrational, evidenced by the fact that he committed suicide afterwards, duh. There's the off chance that he knew something about the financial state of the state of Hesse that is about to trigger the summoning of Great Cthulhu, in which case you'll have my license to feel vindicated. It appears as a very remote chance to me, though. It's far more likely that not only the situation isn't hopeless, but that this crisis will be over at some point and the world will keep turning. Germany (and Hesse) will be deeper in debt than they are now, but we managed to reduce debt from over 80 to just 60% GDP in the last seven years so there's a good chance that we can do it again.

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Met a Berlin subway driver in job coaching two years ago who had quit over such an incident.

Suicide or accident? The latter can be harder to shrug off. Again depending on the circumstances.





There is some interesting information that had been published by an MSM paper and was then deleted: In his suicide letter he wrote that the society and economy are in a hopeless state.






Snippet from the comment section of your Tichy news website :



" Der Einfluss der Grünen wird in Hessen immer sichtbarer. Es ist ein sehr schädlicher, totalitärer Einfluss voller Heuchelei und Hass gegen Andersdenkende. " ....



when I see Tichy, I´m reminded of Ijon Tichy - favorite space traveller

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The reader's comments are the reader's comments, not the editor's. And as far as comments go that one is super harmless. Go to Die Zeit and an Artikel about Trump, Netanyahu, Orban, Poland and you'll see toxic.

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You expect dramatic shifts from Forsa, which have made them their business model and are widely-cited for it every week. No surprise then that they have CDU/CSU up ten points since their first March poll, and the Greens down seven while FGW sees them barely changed with one less point.


Ah yes. Forsa just had the Greens drop below the SPD at 16 and 17 percent respectively. Minute change at one point each really, but good for some headlines again. They also added another point to CDU/CSU, now at 37. Civey's online-based daily numbers are rather similar as of Thursday with CDU/CSU 37.3, Greens 17.7, SPD 15.7, AfD 9.6, Left 8.0 and FDP 6.0.


Yougov, another online pollster, has CDU/CSU lower at 34 and AfD higher at 12, but again similar for the rest with Greens 18, SPD 16, Left nine and FDP six percent. Infratest dimap, still phone-polling for public broadcaster ARD, deviates further, seeing the Greens still at 22, SPD also 16, but the rest lower with AfD at ten, Left at seven and FDP at five.


Additional COVID-related polling from this week's surveys: people are overall satisfied with government action in the crisis. Per Civey, number of those who think measures are sufficient has exceeded those who don't since 25 March, though there is also a rise at a lower level of those thinking they are exaggerated; currently 56, 29 and 15 percent respectively. Per FGW on the same issue, it's 75, 20 and four.


According to Infratest, support for contact restrictions is generally non-partisan, though as so often, AfD supporters are the odd men out when it comes to general satisfaction with the government's crisis management and view of the overall situation in Germany. Both them and Left Party supporters are also least supportive of the restrictions and most worried about long-term loss of liberties, though the differences are smaller.


Confidence vs. worry about conditions in Germany by party affiliation:




Satisfaction with government's crisis management:




Support for contact restrictions:




Worry about long-term loss of liberties:




Worry about being infected, by age group - unsurprisingly less great among the younger:




Worry about appropriate medical care, generally less great:




Trust in health institutions and doctors generally great:



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Well, here's the COVID impact on probabilities of directly-won districts. Germany is turning blue (or black, in proper party colors). The SPD hasn't recovered from its recent losses. The Greens have lost most of their previous chances. The Left is clinging to its East Berlin districts. The AfD is down to one district in its heartland - and that barely, at a 58 percent chance of winning it.




A more imminent result may be that the virus will basically decide the CDU leadership contest. The convention to elect AKK's successor was originally to be held on 25 April, but postponed. Meanwhile, the team of Armin Laschet and Jens Spahn has gotten all the media exposure as minister president of the most populous German state and federal health minister respectively. Friedrich Merz' main claim to fame has been catching the bug himself and home-quaranting for two weeks, then making some unusual compliments on how the Merkel government is handling the crisis. Nobody is even talking of Norbert Röttgen anymore.


Depending upon the eventual date of the convention, the Laschet-Spahn duo looks like a shoe-in. If the CDU was cynical to a degree they haven't displayed under Merkel so far, they should probably provoke the grand coalition to fail right afterwards and hope to sail to victory in snap elections while they're still up there at ca. 35 percent and the Greens down to 20-minus.

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That would be the smart thing to do. The MSM are singing the praises of the government's wise leadership and the economic effects of the shutdown aren't felt yet.


May the not so Grand Coalition live to the regular end of its term in the autumn of 2021! :)

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Camera team of public TV got beat up in Berlin by a large group of masked persons a few days ago. Police made a few arrests and let all of them out of custody. Newspaper online won´t say who they were.


Anybody know ?

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