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For Stuart Galbraith And Anyone Into Bizarre Rail Safety Vids

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Snow can convert to ice and conceal problems in the track or cause problems. Ice buildup on the tracks can possibly cause derailments and traction issues. Having wheel spin is a problem on grades with a load. It can cause damage to the rail and the locomotive.


I don't see switch heaters which is odd, though perhaps they're electric and I just don't see the elements.


The Alaska RR uses ballast regulators with some modifications for this function.


See http://www.alaskarails.org/ARR-snow-fighting.html

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Germany uses gas-fired heaters for its switch points. Holland used electric ones.

When it got really cold, the switches in Holland froze. The ones in Germany did not.

Holland is now contemplating converting to gas-fired heaters.

Of course, I don't know how strong the Dutch heaters are.


Wouldn't an upgrade to more power electric heaters also do the job?

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And some good news:


Network Rail unveils £37.5bn investment plan


A £37.5bn plan to develop the UK's railway infrastructure over five years has been announced by Network Rail.

The plan, covering the five years up to 2019, promises faster journeys, 170,000 more peak-time commuter seats and improved reliability, but depends on making savings and rising fares.

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Stuart a while back I promised to share some of my railroad memorabilia with you. Well here is some decorating my living room. The posters were rescued by my great grandfather from various switch towers that were going to be torn down. They depict Abe Lincoln during his time in New Salem Illinois. The signal light coat rack has rail road spikes for coat hooks and a push car wheel for the base. I put a low watt fluorescent bulb in it, and use it as a night light also. The small signal lamp and its twin both sit atop floor speakers for my entertainment system.






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The 4 way lamps are off of a turnout stand. It would indicate green or red to the main line to indicate the facing of the turnout. Green for normal, red for thrown.


Now-days they just have flags since locomotives have really good lights.


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My great grandfather installed a whole 8ft tall switch light assembly at the entrance to his driveway, and had it wired to be lit up from the house. Was pretty darn neat. My step father lives there now, and the light really needs to be sandblasted and repainted. I should make that a project.

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