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Yugo Infantry Weapons Inventory In 1985...

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Country of origin:
( a ) - USA
( b ) - Belgium
( e ) - UK
( č ) - Czechoslovakia
( n ) - Germany
( š ) - Spain
( m ) - Hungary
( au ) - Austro-Hungary or Austria
( s ) - USSR or Russia
( f ) - France

Dagger M51 (standard bayonet)
Pistol 7.62mm M57 (local TT copy) 7.62x25mm
Pistol 7.62mm Mauser M96 (n) - Mauser C-96 7.62x25mm
Pistol 7.62mm TT M30 (s) - Tokarev 1930 7.62x25mm
Pistol 7.62mm TT M30/33 (s) - Tokarev 1933 7.62x25mm
Pistol 7.65mm Beretta M40 (i) - Beretta 1935 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Beretta M15/19 (i) - Beretta 1915/19 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Browning M09 ( b ) - FN 1910 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Elbar (f) - one of Ruby models .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Mauser (n) - Mauser 1914 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Mauser M27 (n) - Mauser HSc .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Parabelum M08 (n) 7.65x21mm Luger
Pistol 7.65mm SACM (f) - Mle1935S 7.65mm French
Pistol 7.65mm Steyr (n) - Steyr-Pieper 1908/34 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Walther M27 (n) - PP .32 ACP
Automatic pistol 7.65mm M61 (č) - Scorpion .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm M70 .32 ACP
Pistol 8mm Steyr (n) - Roth-Steyr 1907, 8mm Steyr
Pistol 9mm Astra M400 (š) 9x19mm
Pistol 9mm Browning M10/22 - FN 1922 .380 ACP
Pistol 9mm Herstal ( b ) - FN HP-35 9x19mm
Pistol 9mm Colt M1911 (a) - unknown, possibly Colt .38 Super Auto
Pistol 9mm Llama (š) 9x19..
Pistol 9mm Parabelum M08 (n) 9x19mm
Pistol 9mm Star (š) - Star B 9x19mm
Pistol 9mm Steyr M12 (n) - Steyr 1912 9x19mm
Pistol 7.65mm Zbrajovka M27 (č) CZ-27 .32 ACP

Pistol 7.65mm Zbrajovka M27 with long barrel and silencer (č) .32 ACP

Pistol 9mm Zbrajovka M38 (č) CZ-38 .380 ACP
Pistol 9mm Walther M38 (n) - P-38 9x19mm

Automatic pistol 9mm Ingram M11 (a) .380 ACP
Pistol 11.25mm Colt M1914 (unknown origin) - Norwegian Colt, .45 ACP
Pistol 11.43mm Colt M1911A1 (a) .45 ACP
Revolver sa prigusivacem 7.62mm Nagant M14 (s) - silenced Nagant
Revolver 7.62mm Nagant M95 (s)
Revolver 9mm Colt (a) - Colt Police Positive, .38 S&W
Revolver 9mm Webley (e) - Webley Mk.IV and Enfield No.2 in .38-200/.38 S&W
Revolver 9.64mm Colt (a) - Colt Army Special/Official Police/Commando .38 Special
Revolver 9.64mm Smith-Wesson (a) S&W M&P .38 Special
Pistol, signal 26mm (s)
Pistol, signal 26mm (n)
Pistol, signal 26mm (i)
Pistol, signal 26mm M57
Pistol, signal 26mm with double barrels (n)
Pistol, signal 26mm (au)
Pistol signal 26mm (a)
Pistol signal, 26mm Yugoslavian - pre-ww2
Pistol signal 26mm ( b )
Pistol signal 26mm (č)

SMG 11.43mm Thompson M1A1 (a)
SMG 11.43mm Thompson M1 (a)
SMG 11.43mm Thompson M1928A1 (a)
SMG 7.62mm M49/57
SMG 7.62mm M56
SMG 7.62mm PPD M40 (s)
SMG 7.62mm PPSh M41 (s)
SMG 9mm Steyr M41 (au) - Steyr MP-34

SMG 9mm MP-5A2 (n)

SMG 9mm MP-5A3 (n)

Carbine 7.62mm M44 (s) - Mosin-Nagant M44 carbine
Carbine 7.62mm M44 w/o bayonet (s)
Carbine 7.62mm M38 (s) Mosin-Nagant M38 carbine
Rifle 7.62mm M91/30 (s) - Mosin Nagant M91/30
Rifle 7.62mm M91 (s) - Mosin-Nagant M91
Rifle, sniper 7.62mm M91/30 w/o bayonet mount (s)
Rifle 7.9mm M48
Rifle 7.9mm M24
Rifle 7.9mm M24/47 (č)
Rifle, sniper 7.9mm M98/48 (n)
Rifle 7.9mm M98/48 (n)
Rifle 7.9mm M98 (n)
Rifle, sniper 7.9mm M69
Automatic rifle 7.62mm AVT M40 (s) - Tokarev AVT-40
Semi-auto rifle, sniper 7.62mm SVT M42 (s) - Tokarev SVT-40 with scope
Semi-auto rifle 7.62mm SVT M40 (s)
Semi-auto rifle 7.62mm M59
Semi-auto rifle 7.62mm M59/66
Semi-auto rifle, sniper 7.9mm M76
Semi-auto rifle 7.9mm Mauser M41 (n) - Mauser G41M
Semi-auto rifle 7.9mm Mauser M43 (n) - Mauser G43

Semi-auto rifle, sniper 7.9mm Mauser M43 (n) - Scoped G43

Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70
Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70A
Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70B1
Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70AB1
Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70AB2
Automatic rifle 7.62mm M70B1N-PN - with night sight

Automatic rifle, sniper 7.62mm G3 SG/1
Semi-auto heavy rifle 14.5mm PTRS M41 (s)
Heavy rifle 14.5mm PTRD M41 (s)

Machinegun 7.62mm Browning M1919 (a)
Machinegun 7.9mm Browning M1919 (a)
Machinegun 7.62mm PKMB (s)
Machinegun 7.9mm M53 on tripod M42
Machinegun 7.9mm M42 on tripod M52 (n)
Machinegun 7.9mm Fiat M35 (i)
Heavy machinegun 12.7mm Browning M2HB on tripod M3 (a)
Heavy machinegun 12.7mm Browning M2HB on mount M63 (a)
Heavy machinegun 12.7mm DShK M38 (s)

Rifle-machinegun (aka LMG/aka SAW) 7.62mm DP M26 (s)
Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm DT (s)
Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm DT w/o bipod (s)
Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm DTM (s)
Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm Kalasnikov (s) - RPK

Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm M72B1

Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm M72AB1
Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm M72B1N-PN - with night sight
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm M53
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm Šarac M34 (n) - MG-34
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm Šarac M42 (n) - MG-42
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm Zbrajovka M26 (č) - ZB-26
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm Zbrajovka M30 (č) - ZB-30
Rifle-machinegun 7.9mm Zbrajovka M36 (č) - ZB-37

Obsolete weapons:

SMG 9mm Beretta M35/38 (i)
SMG 9mm Beretta M38 (i)
SMG 9mm Beretta M38/42 (i)
SMG 9mm Beretta M40 (i)
SMG 9mm Beretta M41/42 (i)
SMG 9mm M40 (n) - MP-40
SMG 9mm Shmeiser M28 (n) - MP-28
SMG 9mm Sten Mk.II (e)
SMG 9mm Sten Mk.III (e)

SMG, silenced 9mm Sten Mk.IIS (e)
SMG Tanos 9mm (a) - United Defense UD-42
SMG, paratrooper 7.9mm M43 (n) - StG-44

Machinegun 8mm Breda M37 (i)

Machinegun 7.62mm Maxim M10/30

Machinegun 7.62mm Maxim M10

Pistol 9mm Radom-WiS M35 (p)
Pistol 7.65mm FAB (i) - Frommer 1910 .32 ACP captured from Italians
Pistol 7.65mm M37 (m) - Femaru 1937 .32 ACP
Pistol, silenced 7,65mm (e) - Welrod .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Praga (č) - Praga 1919 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm Sanera (š) - Ruby version .32 APC
Pistol 7.65mm Saurer (n) - Sauer 1938 .32 ACP
Pistol 7.65mm FAB M10 (m) - Frommer 1910 .32 ACP
Pistol 9mm Fromer M10 (m) - Frommer 1910 .380 ACP
Pistol 9mm Pregner M37 (m) - Femaru 1937 .380 ACP
Revolver 9mm Astra (š) - Astra 300 .380 ACP
Revolver 9mm Gaser (n) - Gaser Kropatschek 1876, 9mm Gasser
Revolver 8mm Steyr M98 (au) - Rast-Gasser 1898, 8mm Gasser

Revolver 7.5mm Nagant M91 - Serbian Nagant 1891

List is actually much reduced compared to similar inventory list from '60s...

Beat this. But I suspect that Fins or Norwegians could...

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I see your inventory and raise it with the Spanish inventory of 1960:


Fusiles = rifles

Mosquetones = carabines

Subfusiles = SMG

Ametralladoras = machine-guns

morteros = mortars

Cañones = guns

campaña = field

infanteria = infantry

contracarro = anti-tank

antiaereos = AA

costa = coast

Carros = tanks

Lanzagranadas = recoiless guns



Fusiles de 7 mm 111.895

Fusiles de asalto CETME de 7,62 mm 6.084

Fusiles de varias marcas de 7,92 mm. 63.675 - several makes!

Mosquetones de varias marcas de 7,92 mm 455.280 - several makes!

Fusiles ametralladores de varias marcas de 7,92 mm 10.453

Subfusiles de varias marcas de 9 mm 28.742

Pistolas de varios tipos 94.125

Ametralladoras de 7,62 mm. (calibre 30) 451

Ametralladoras de 7,92 mm 6.011

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 12/70 mm. AN-M2 y M3 266

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 12/70 mm. AN-M2 y M56 99

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 15/93 mm. ZB-60 246

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 20/65 mm. Breda 117

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 20/65 mm. Flack 102

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 20/70 mm. Oerlikon 236

Ametralladoras antiaéreas de 20/70 mm. O. K. N 377

Morteros de 50 mm. Valero 4.005

Morteros de 50 mm. ECIA 1.893

Morteros de 81 mm. Valero 2.278

Morteros de 81 mm. Valero-ECIA 608

Morteros de 120 mm. Franco 71

Cañones contracarro de 45/44 mm. (37) 187

Cañones contracarro de 45/44 mm. (41) 524

Cañones contracarro de 60/45 mm 120

Cañones contracarro de 60/50 mm 144

Cañones contracarro de 75/46 mm 1531

Cañones de Infantería de 75/13 mm 350i

Cañones de Infantería de 75 mm. S. R 138:

Cañones de Infantería de 106 mm. S. R 125

Cañones de campaña de 75/22 mm 247

Cañones de campaña de 77/24 mm. (dos montajes) 96¡

Cañones de campaña de 77/32 mm 66

Cañones de campaña de 105/11 mm. 470

Cañones de campaña de 105/22 mm 211

Cañones de campaña de 105/26 mm. (R. 43) 276

Cañones de campaña de 105/26 mm. (R. 50) 264

Cañones de campaña de 105/28 mm 103

Cañones de campaña de 105/30 mm 272

Cañones de campaña de 105 mm. (37) A. P 28

Cañones de campaña de 122/46 mm 174

Cañones de campaña de 149,1/24 mm 98

Cañones de campaña de 155/13 mm 152

Cañones de campaña de 155/23 mm 64

Cañones de campaña de 155/23 mm. A. P 12

Cañones de campaña de 203/25 mm 18

Cañones de campaña de 240/14 mm 29

Cañones de campaña de 305/17 mm 8

Cañones antiaéreos de 37/56 mm. ... 6

Cañones antiaéreos de 40/60 mm. (fijos) 3

Cañones antiaéreos de 40/60 mm. (móviles) 10

Cañones antiaéreos de 40/70 mm. (ayuda) 90

Cañones antiaéreos de 40/70 mm. (españoles) 97

Cañones antiaéreos de 75/36 mm. K 89

Cañones antiaéreos de 88/45 mm 4

Cañones antiaéreos de 88/56 mm. (18) 52

Cañones antiaéreos de 88/56 mm. (36) 88

Cañones antiaéreos de 88/56 mm. (44) 204

Cañones antiaéreos de 90/50 mm 116

Cañones antiaéreos de 105/43 mm 44

Cañones de costa de 76,2/50 mm. W 4

Cañones de costa de 100/45 mm. G. L 12

Cañones de costa de 101,6/45 mm. W 12

Cañones de costa de 102/45 mm. A 3

Cañones de costa de 105,6/50 mm. W 3

Cañones de costa de 120/38 mm. Sch 4

Cañones de costa de 120/40 mm. L. G 2

Cañones de costa de 120/45 mm. Sch 27

Cañones de costa de 120/48 mm. W 4

Cañones de costa de 150/40 mm 3

Cañones de costa de 150/45 mm. M 56

Cañones de costa de 150/45 mm. R. K 14

Cañones de costa de 150/50 mm. G. R 7

Cañones de costa de 152,4/50 mm. W 150

Cañones de costa de 260/35 mm. Krupp 4

Cañones de costa de 305/35 mm. Krupp 4

Cañones de costa de 305/50 mm. W 16

Cañones de costa de 381/45 mm. W 17

Carros M-24 31

Carros M-41 32

Carros M-47 158

Carros ligeros semioruga 12

Lanzagranadas de 88/9 mm 7.937


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I am actually puzzled by lack of some well known weapons on the list - MP-5 (in use since 1978-79), G-3SG-1 (1981-82).

'90s inventory actually dropped down from 1985. - a lot of weapons was scrapped in 1988-89, some was sold (mostly in Africa), some pistols were sold to civilians (father's friend got mint S&W Model 10 that way). Only new things introduced were:


Introduced in 1985 (list above was actually compiled in 1983-84):

Machinegun 7.62mm M84 (PKMS)

Machinegun 12.7mm M87 (NSV)

Rifle-machinegun 7.62mm M84 (PKM)

Automatic pistol 7.65mm M84 (local priduction of Scorpion)


SMG 5.56mm M85


SMG 5.6mm MGV-176 (few were in police HRT use for a short time period)

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Now, now Sardaukar - we will now start detailing a list of Finnish official inventory weapons immediately post WWII, color Rolodex cross referencing year of adoption with local and foreign designations...

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Wow. And I thought it was the Soviets who never threw anything out. I mean German G41s, seriously?


Hey, it used standard ammo (7.92x57mm).. Good for some territorial defense force in middle of nowhere... Really, unless shit hit a fan in way of war with Soviets/Warsaw pact most of those weapons would never see light of day - for sure most did not get used during '90s or were used very sporadically.


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I think Finnish inventory after Winter War was quite similar...but no..not gonna get there :D

At least we did not expect to arm half of army* with Mosins and Suomis in '80s... :D


*Well, army was reasonably equiped, by mid '80s all infantry units had M70s (AKs), M59/66 were still in use in artillery and 2nd line units. Teritorial defence was mixed bag, those in parts of Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia bordering WP nations were reasonably equiped, including army standard coms. Bosnia was massive warehouse, but in all warplans if it came to fighting in Bosnia and cavalry (NATO) did not arrive only (realistic) plan was partisan warfare as in WW2. When everything that could shot would be issued to population, hence needed and stockpiled...

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Because I can't stomach the horrible russian accented english (sounds like Tommy Wiseau), I switched the language settings in BF3 to spanish. If I'm ever in a fix in latin america, I'll know what to say.

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And most probably were unissued, except periodical checks and proof firing. M48s were produced till 1965 IIRC while army was fully equipped with those replacing all other rifles issues* by 1957-58, most of post 1958 production going straight to storage.

M59 was relatively low production, M59/66 was kept in production after production of M70 (AK) started in 1970** as it was considered better for Territorial Defense. Production lasted until IIRC mid-70s.


* Except single mech infantry brigade which used Garands 1956-1960something and single para brigade which used StG44.

** Before M70 there was M64 which was never accepted for service even if at least two brigades had it issued for trials. They disappeared after introduction of M70 - IIRC refurbished and sold to Ethiopia.

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From outward appearance, the M59/66 seems more solidly built than SKS's from other nations, although I'm told that the Yugoslav versions don't have chrome-lined barrels. Because of this, some US shooters/collectors pass them by in favor of Russian or Chinese SKS models. It's a shame because they can be quite nice guns.

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On the Yugo list one piece of strangeness is a 7,9mm Browning M1919. How did that one come about.


On the Spanish list, it seems strange that almost all the light anti aircraft inventory (above 20mm) was modern (either Spanish or Swedish manufactured 40mm L70). I also thought that Spain had both the US M117 and M118 90mm HAA guns in service in this period.

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On the Yugo list one piece of strangeness is a 7,9mm Browning M1919. How did that one come about.

Locally reworked guns. 1919s on M47 Pattons were in 7.92x57mm since mid-70s, I guess infantry ones were also reworked then, but those were not a priority as M1919 was only expected to be used by Territorial Defense while M47 was in front lines until mid-80s, so some in 30-06 stayed available...

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M47s were used by Croats in Dalmatia and later Bosnia Muslims, there was even "duel" between Bosnian M47 and Serbian SU-100 (eded with both sides missing and retreating). M47s and M18 were declared obsolete for regular service* and were part of airfield defense units, island defenses (Vis had some IIRC) and cities Territorial Defense (TO), Belgrade TO had IIRC 31 (~10 actually operational, rest were intended to be enplaced in positions).. until 1994-95.


*T-34/85 were next, they were actually sent to storages in late 1980. Actual retirement happened 1995-96. M36 were not considered for retirement. M7 Priests were also still in storage in 1991. but none knows for sure what happened to them - since they were probably located only in Serbia and Macedonia thise probably got scrapped w/o much fuss.

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Bojan, do you know how many SU-100 were received by Yugoslavia and how long they were operated? I have been trying to find info or pictures but nothing so far...

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IIRC 60something (65 IIRC, 5 x 12 vehicle Bde Group and few training) in 1962. or 1963. Just as T-34/85 we had to get those in order to get T-54/55...

Some saw combat in Bosnia but just as M47 and M18 those were from airfield defense units and such. My guess is that those were retired from active service in 1988-89 when whole army was being restructured.

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