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Tanknet Fantasy Football League 2012

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So only 9+/- points from being the top scoring team in the league (already being held together with spit and baling wire), yet the team with the highest scores AGAINST.


Yup, the story of every one of my leagues in every year I've "played" Fantasy Football. :angry2:

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Better than having the oposiong team score 163 against you... I think my team is cursed.


Two weeks ago, I scored in the low 120s (not a bad game at all!), but my opponent scored 151.

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Should have the highest scoring team in the league after this week, yet below .500 and in the middle of the pack.


Yup, sounds like a typical year for me.

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My biggest problem (right now) is my QB. I was issued Vick in the draft as the starter, with Pittsburgh's Big Ben as backup. Normally, Vick is a QB that could easily be ranked in the Top Five in the league. However, he has been performing at Bottom Five level. I got rid of Big Ben after he showed (in Game 1 against Denver), that he is immobile and that his offensive line can't protect him very well. Then, the search began for a starting new QB. Unfortunately, Vick was ranked No. 12 in the league and no QB 1 thru 11 are in the player pool right now, they are on teams and they are performing. I picked up Andy Dalton after he single-handedly destroyed the Redskins. But, the next week when I played him, he didn't do anything at all. Last week, I picked up Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb - they were 4-0 and he was a leading reason for that. So, I start him for the Thursday game in St. Louis. AZ lost 17-3 and Kolb only had about 180 yds. passing, no TDs and lost one fumble.


All of my players except one has played Week 5 and I haven't breached 60 points yet.


It looks pretty hopeless right now.

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With this being the last week of TNFFL regular season, all eight playoff spots have been awarded to the top eight teams. Some playoff seeding may change after this weeks’ NFL games.


This has been a really disappointing season for me and my team. It all started when autodraft gave me Michael Vick to be my #1 QB and it went downhill from there. Green Bay’s Greg Jennings, who was All-World WR last year, got injured early in the season and spent the great majority of the TNFFL season on my bench, is just now coming back and playing (too late to benefit me, though). To a lesser degree, but similar situation, Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray has sat my bench for about five weeks due to injury and is just now coming back. He was listed as Questionable last week, so I didn’t play him. He started and ended up having 80+ yards rushing, 29 yards receiving and one TD. Had I played him, my team would have won and I would have a chance to get into the playoffs with a win this week. However, I read Yahoo’s advice about that, even if he did play, it would be on a limited basis . . . turned out not to be true. Vick had one of the most awful seasons he has personally ever had this year, before he mercifully got knocked out (literally) by a concussion. Philly announced last week that his season is finished.


Anyway, winning TNFFL takes a few things to happen. #1 - you need a GOOD QB, one that doesn’t fumble a lot, throw INTs a lot and gets hurt a lot. You need a guy that puts up good numbers each week, even if his team loses (Romo does this – guys like Flacco do not). I spent nearly this entire season unsuccessfully trying to find an acceptable replacement for Vick (who only had one good week). #2 – you need for your team’s players to be somewhat dispersed around the NFL. If you have a cluster of players from one NFL team, you will definitely suffer the week that NFL team has a Bye Week. #3 – you need luck.


Congrats to the playoff teams! I’ll be sitting at home watching and helping my wife’s team (which did make the playoffs).

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And I finally made the playoffs!! Going 4-1 in the last 5 weeks helped immensely.


Not only did you make the playoffs as a very low seed, you won! Congratulations!


League Champion: Miami Matadors


2nd - Shorebirds


3rd - Bedford Goats


4th - Sitzenpinkers


5th - Million Dollar Dream


6th - Honey Badgers


7th - A-Deuces


8th - Infidels


I want to thank each and every one of you for playing this year (my first year as Commish) and hope you play again next season. I also want to extend an invitation to all to be a part of next year's TN FFL season as well!

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I have been contacted by Yahoo about starting up the FFL for the upcoming 2013 NFL Season. If you are interested in participating, please let me know ASAP so I can keep a count. Right now, the count is 1 (me). I need at least seven more (minimum).

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So are we gonna have a league again this year?


And if so, are you amenable to having a chick play? I made the mistake of showing a few episodes of "The League" to my wife, and got the "Gee that looks fun. . ."


Now South Carolina is a stand your ground sorta state, but I have been chased out my house and my man cave is now my garage or the boatyard. I can't let her into my local league, I need some all-dude company. Help me. Shoot me. Both.

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