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Tanknet Fantasy Football League 2012

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We've got a little less than two months to try and gain membership for this year's season. M1A1MG has run the league with very much success in the past few years, I do not believe I am the only one that offers him a great amount of thanks and personal respect for having sone such a fine job. He has even won the League Championship the last two years in a row, despite bad automatic drafts, injuries to key players etc. For all of those things, I want to offer a hearty hunk of personal respect and a big "thank you" to him.


He turned over the job of League Commissoner at the end of last season. I've never done it before, and may need advice or a little coaching until I figure out exactly what all is involved. He has graciously already offerd me that help if and when needed (thank you in advance).


In the meantime, let me be the first to say that the Dark Horse team of mine will be playing this year. We need (at a minimum) seven more people fielding teams. Two months sounds like a long time - but it will be upon us before we all know it. If you want to play, please let me know in this thread as quickly as it takes you to decide such.


This thread will also be used during the season for general commentary for the league, its teams and its "Owners."


Thank you and "LET'S PLAY FOOTBALL!"



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I'm totally in.

Don't worry about commisaring the league. I guess we keep settings from last year. Hardest part imo usually is to get an even number of players.


Thanks, Stefan!

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Great - that makes five. We still need a minimum of eight to play and time is getting short. Anybody?????


Members so far:








Did I miss anybody? How about the return of those Miami Matadors????

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We have the minimum 8 participants! Thanks, Lynn and Elliot!


To register your team, go here:




Password: adamrules


Let me know if you have problems.

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