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World Of Tanks "who Is Who"

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Unspeakable things! :ninja:


Anyway congrats as well in a text form, though I was able to deliver them personally already as well :) At least now we can restart Twitter quiz without having to check so much for duplicate winners between languages ;)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! No worries, I'll find a way to foil your plans :D


Thanks everyone. I'm the Community Coordinator for the Portuguese-speaking part of the NA community, which consists mainly of Brazilians, but also has a surprising amount of Portuguese.

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I've taken the plunge. Good bye social life. I'm duncan_eieio on the American server.


I can be easily recognized by my habit of not stopping my headlong charge into the unknown when everyone else does and discovering the half dozen 3 tier higher heavies that quickly educate me once again why I should "Pay Attention."

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Tanknet OML for the NA server.


This is everyone's WN8 rankings... :D


2552 - Skywalkre = Illy[PURPL]

2412 - EchoFiveMike = EchoSixMike

2365 - Fritz = fritz3d[3AC-S]

2167 - Juan Sosa = juanisosa

2125- FlyingCanOpener = ieatcookies[ANVIL]

2077 - JamesR = Garand[VILIN]

1774 - Manic Moran = Manic_Moran

1625 - Homerr = Homerr

1581 - snotman = snotman

1558 - medicjim = medicjim[3AC]

1536- Colin = ColinP[CGN]

1523 - Max H = Xlucine[3AC]

1494 - jwduquette1 = Dr_Dirt

1428 - Stefan Fredriksson = stefanfr

1417 - JasonJ = SoukouDragon

1334 - Argus = Argus[3AC]

1322 - Harold Jones = Phredde[3AC-S]

1227 - Tuccy = RunawayPenguin

1185 - BabyOlifant = BabyOlifant

1159 - Phalanx = ArmouredPhalanx

1113 - pikachu = hurimirshugu

1060 - toysoldier = toysoldiersneverdie

1057 - Allan Wotherspoon = Radamanthus
976 - Paul G. = pgiando

921 - Arty = Arty163

793 - Edmund = Haggar
600 - snafu_72 = Snafu_72

460 - Rubberanvil = Rubberanvil

444- Eurico_Viegas = Capitao_Desastre_ [WGA]
128 - Mr King = Major_Schitz
95 - Steve Duncan = duncan_eieio

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I actually haven't played much in the last month because my current clan (PBKAC) is dead to me. I've actually been toying with going the stream/YT/blog route but I'd definitely need to focus pretty hard and get those numbers even higher. 2500 isn't much when you're a streamer! :blink:

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Ok, after 3 days of playing the amount of cat herding is absurd. What are the chances we could arrange to play at the same time, with voice coms and such?

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It is always like herding the cats, even when I played in one of top 10 clans on Euro server. It is just a quality of the cats that changes. :)

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Ive not played this in years. I got too weary of the grinding. last time I logged in they even seemed to have forgotten everything I unlocked.


Ryan, why dont you try DCS? There is a superb WW2 server running at the moment, and you can use voice coms over it. There is even a sale on aircraft till the 18th.


Granted its expensive to get up and running, but in terms of the amount of gold coins you are going to be throwing at WOT to unlock the things you want, its probably not going to be much in it.

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DSC is just like having another job.


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It really isnt, not when flying the Ww2 warbirds anyway.


I thought you would be all for it, they have Serbian and Yugoslav Mig21's in it.


Failing that, there is il2, Which has excellent servers, including for the tank dlc.

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I have played Il-2 and glimpsed a DSC. Learning flight manual in order to play game = just another work in my book.

I deeply admire DSC, same as I admire Steel Beasts or any other "hard-core" game - I just don't find them fun enough with the limited time i can spend on the gaming.

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Which is fair enough. As I get older I increasingly I prefer simulation because its an experience where you learn something. I was flirting with Elite for some time, till I recognized the balancing was awful, and it was in the end learning an artificial experience was of little real value other than to geeks (Not to deprecate them). At least when you learn how to boot up a Bf109 or a Mig21 or an F14, you are learning how it worked, which is useful in discussing and understanding all kinds of things.


That doesnt mean I dont like something to unwind. For online games i think War thunder seems fun. Ive not put in remotely the kind of time ive put into DCS (or even WOT) but its at least an approximation of reality where some real life tactics work. Some of the training videos they put up to fly warthunder aircraft work reasonably well for DCS or Il2 as well.


What I really want to try to get into is Squad, but I think I need to get high speed broadband before I even think of it.

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