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World Of Tanks "who Is Who"

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As announced in the WoT main thread, I intend this thread to be mostly informative on who's who, to avoid having to ask every once in a while on WoT Tanknet chat "Who are you on the Forum?". Of course in many cases game nick = forum name, in some cases it is not so. So whoever likes to be in this address book, post your nick(s) here and I'll edit them in the first post.

I shall start here (Forum name - In-game name):

EU server

bojan = bojan[L-FEW]
Claudio_1 = Camural
Chris Werb = Meadowside
Cyber Ghost = pelegw84
eurico_viegas = camelurso
Gervasius = Schlock
John T = JohnnyPro
Mistral = mistral
Ramontxo = Ramontxo
RETAC21 = retac21
Rickard N = Hasande_Hamnaren
Sardaukar = Sardaukar67[PJ]
seahawk = seahawk[3DC]
Stuart Galbraith = Stuart666
sunday = sunday[PROUD]
Swabbie_DK = Squid_DK[DKD
Tuccy = Tuccy[WG]
zakk = zakk
Zaraguina = zaraguina

US/NA server

Allan Wotherspoon = Radamanthus
Argus = Argus[3AC]
Arty = Arty163
BabyOlifant = BabyOlifant
Colin = ColinP[CGN]
Edmund = Haggar
EchoFiveMike = EchoSixMike
Eurico_Viegas = Capitao_Desastre_ [WGA]
FlyingCanOpener = ieatcookies[ANVIL]
Fritz = fritz3d[3AC-S]
Harold Jones = Phredde[3AC-S]
Homerr = Homerr
JamesR = Garand[VILIN]
JasonJ = SoukouDragon
Juan Sosa = juanisosa
jwduquette1 = Dr_Dirt[HAFR]
Manic Moran = Manic_Moran
Max H = Xlucine[3AC]
Mr King = Major_Schitz
medicjim = medicjim[3AC]
Paul G. = pgiando
Phalanx = ArmouredPhalanx
pikachu = hurimirshugu
Rubberanvil = Rubberanvil
Skywalkre = Illy[PBKAC]
snafu_72 = Snafu_72
snotman = snotman
Stefan Fredriksson = stefanfr
Steve Duncan = duncan_eieio
toysoldier = toysoldiersneverdie
Tuccy = RunawayPenguin

zaarin7 = zaarin7

SEA server

Argus = Argusteffed

Edited by Stefan Fredriksson
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Used to be "Sardaukar67[FTC2]", but stopped playing months ago. Might try again when I get my new computer etc...but I didn't find it that fun anymore and too time-consuming. Will see.

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