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Tanks in Syrian Revolt

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Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Why? Seeing the photo that Jim mentioned might help answer some questions.

Last time the photo was posted here, it was agreed that it might have been only a photo of a T-72AV, where lighting made the ERA tiles on the turret cast no visible shadow (or it was hidden by the low contrast + low image quality).

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Jim, I was just re-reading your old "BDD Armor" ARMOR Magazine article and you mentioned a T-72 equipped with BDD. Do you still have that photo?


I'll see if I can find it...as Methos mentioned, the last time it was posted...the general consensus was that it was a trick of lighting...not really BDD. While that conclusion is probably correct, I'd still love to see a higher quality version of the pic.

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In Syria I guess.


That's a novel use of spent round casings if there ever was one! I have to wonder if it would be effective against even the older RPG-7 warheads as a sort of spaced armour? Hmm...maybe the concrete that some tanks have been seen with (cages made with rebar and concrete rubble filling the cages) weren't a better idea...


Interesting picture.

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