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The big advantage of a Venice-like city is very low cost of transport, and that is most useful in cities with lots of trade, like port cities. Most Venetian commercial family firms had a warehouse in the lower floors of their city dwellings, and transport from ship to warehouse could be done in boats with a few rowers, even only one. Amsterdam's canals had dual purposes as defensive works and transport routes.

Mexico City, as a stone-age population center, had little foreign trade, mostly slaves and luxury items. Foodstuff was growth in the lake, and here the canals were very useful, probably allowing the city to reach its pre-Spanish size. But that size could also be maintained using Renaissance-era transport.

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12 minutes ago, lucklucky said:


That woman's twitter history shows several reasons why women can not be priests.

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43 minutes ago, Rick said:

Looks like the ancient American Indians kept it looking like a rather large golf putting green.

Anothe point of data that says Scots were first in North America, and they brought golf with them.

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On 9/15/2023 at 9:55 AM, lucklucky said:

If I think about the Roman Empire (or Rome in general), and it's not due to some historical content on the internet about Rome, or the casual notion that the High Street in my town is on Watling Street, it's usually because of Marcus Aurelius.

I can only aspire to the level of stoicism expected, however.

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On 9/24/2023 at 12:02 PM, JWB said:


Every so often "science" paints a new picture of the ancient past. Gets new followers and money. Men an woman -- scientific fact, there are only two genders -- were created by God, not evolved in some Darwinian science fiction.  

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