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Capt Geoffrey Winnington-Ball CD (ret)


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This news is almost too hard to take. Even though we met only once at the first I&I, I've always considered him a friend. He has hosted my web site, from its debut, for over ten years at a very nominal cost because he was more interested in getting the information out than making a profit. Goodbye Geoff. They broke the mold.



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Damn. A true shame. His presence will certainly be missed. I always thought of him as the voice of reason when others lost theirs. I always took to heart his lessons for me.


God bless you and keep you Geoff.

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I spoke to him, I guess, three weeks ago, after he had moved to the farm. It seemed that he had turned a corner, and that things were looking up.


My aunt sent me a poem this week. It spoke to me. I hope that you folks will also find it appropriate, in this year of losses.


The Silent Sadness


I always wondered

Why the old ones

Stood so quietly,

Showing no emotion

At a loved one's funeral,

Except perhaps

A slow sway of the head;

While all about them

Were the sounds

Of intermittent sobbing.


How could they

Be so stoic, so unfeeling,

I questioned silently.


Now, having grown old myself,

I understand.


There is a sadness

That constricts the heart--

A loss, another's absence,

Still yet another's leaving...

So many loved ones gone.


Ah, yes, I've come to know,

This silent sadness

Plunges much, much deeper--

Far, far beyond

The deepest depth

Of tears.


June Brown Leap

Poetry Society of Texas, 2010


R.I.P., my friend. You left us too early.

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Very sad news. RIP, Geoff.



"We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go

Always a little further: it may be

Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow

Across that angry or that glimmering sea …"


by James Elroy Flecker




Cattle die and kinsmen die,

thyself too soon must die,

but one thing never, I ween, will die, --

fair fame of one who has earned.

---The Poetic Edda, Havamal

Edited by Sardaukar
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God bloody damn.


I had a bad feeling from the SITREPs on his status. Still, some shitty news to see first thing when you log into TankNet in the morning. RIP.


This has been a bad year, despite the great Seattle I&I. I wish he would have made it there so we could have met.

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Never mind, just me being stupid and drunk.


And wishing I could take it all away or make it better.


For what it's worth Geoff, I never EVER drink spirits, but I and my bartender had shots of Glenlivet tonight to your memory.

Edited by Jim Martin
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