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The Honorable German by Charles McCain. A good first novel about a Kriegsmarine officer in WW2. There's a romantic side to the story, but the author's focus is on his obvious interest in things naval, with a great sense of detail. The protagonist participates in each phase of the German maritime dilemma, on various platforms.

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I always liked Richard Hough's Buller books, as well as his other works on historical events.


If you want to get into some real laugh out loud stuff look at the Flashman novels by George MacDonald Fraser.


The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer. I first read many years ago. Fact, or fiction, it is a good story.


The Cross Of Iron by Willi Heinrich is also a classic.


Wilbur Smith Is always good, two of my favorite novels by him are Cry Wolf and Shout At The Devil.

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Guest Englander

Covenant with Death by John Harris


A work of fiction about the First World War. The storey follows the raising, training and destruction of a battalion. The author interviewed WW1 veterens before writing it.


This is such good fiction that I've seen it quoted as a source on a serious WW1 site.

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