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Thanks for posting these.

The balloon busting diorama is impressive.



There is another diorama that looks like Tarawa where the wading equipment is different than I've seen before. Wondering if this is dramatic license.


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Thanks for posting.


There was a time when I would drool over these pix, give me ideas for future projects, and make me go spend some time building a model.







That feeling is gone - for now.

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What is this showing?



An invisible ship?


Entirely possible that the depression in the center is where the ship is supposed to pop into (IOW, the owner removed the ship for last minute repairs or something, but left the base in place to hold the spot on the display table. Not sure why that area would be painted up to match the surrounding "ocean" tho.


Alternatively, there's a slightly oblong black spot near the "bow wake" ... so maybe a snorkeling submarine?



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I didn't see that obling thingy. I initially thought that it was a sub dio as well but couldn't see anything clearly. Plus the shape of the depression is that of a hull.


Reminds me of what a friend said he would build in the diorama category. A coin-size diorama of the sea - with a periscope sticking out. The title would be: Typhoon Class SSBN in the Barents. :lol:

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