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Rusty Firmin was apparently technical advisor for the film, and possibly got a bigger role than what really happened. I don't know.

The guy in the video says "some lance-corporal", he lacks "charachterization", number of particpants, and "subplots".


1. Not naming Firmin seems quite odd in this context.

2. How much charachterization does he need in such a film?

3. Of course you reduce the number of SAS men in the film, for us as an audience to at least have a fair chance of telling who is who. 60 of them would just be a mess.

4. Subplots? Why? What for?


I do not doubt this guy was there. But - I think he is basically just bitter that Firmin was the advisor, and not him, and he thinks he did not get his due credit in the film.


See it and judge for yourself.

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Oh, Ill certainly see it. Its got Abbie Cornish in it which is probably a good enough reason by itself :)


I think that the story of this, and indeed of the SAS in that period when they were usually busy, would probably warrant a mini series if you were going to do it anything like justice. Think 'Band of Brothers' in Avon military Gas Masks and you have the picture. In any movie you are going to have to cut things down, and you are going to piss people off.


Characterization is a funny thing. I was watching the movie 'Midway' the other day, and I thought how much better a movie it would have been without all the human interest stories they bolted onto it. Same to a large extent with 'The Battle of Britain'. Sometimes the story is so dramatic anything else just slows it down.

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Sometimes the balance can be got right. It worked in 'The Cruel Sea', and it worked in 'In which we served'. It was almost wholly absent in 'The Dambusters', other than Gibsons relationship with his dog. Which the more I read about Gibson seems to be fairly accurate, he was a loner.


'Band of Brothers' got the balance right, in that the only relationship key to the story was the one with the guy sat in the trench next to them.



You know, I spent some time recently watching a repeat of the mawkish 'Winds of War', and its true, there was some good drama in there really was. For the most part it would have been enlivened by removing all the human interest crap. :)

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Wiki on "Midway" says it used a number of footage from other movies, which is probably not an issue. Tora Tora Tora is of course good. I'm not much of a movie watcher but some others I have seen in recent times were American Sniper, Kajaki, Rogue One, the new King Kong, Shin Gojira, and most recently being Dunkirk. All were good in their own way. A few comedies or romances sprinkled for when watching with my GF. To her credit, she (just turned wife) watched with me American Sniper and Kajaki.

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Went to see Thor: Ragnorak over the weekend.

Pretty good movie...lots of action, lots of humor. All in all, a good movie.

No Oscars for sure, but the box office was huge so obviously the public likes it.


It should be interesting to see how the final scene ties into the upcoming Infinity War movie...I think I know but we'll see.


Looking forward to Justice League in a few weeks to see if it can compete dollar-wise with Thor: Ragnorak. I imagine if it trails too badly there may be some rethinking of the announced DC Comics movie upcoming schedule. Obviously, they will certainly make at least one more Wonder Woman movie regardless of how Justice League performs, but I can see where Aquaman and Flash might be dropped if the box office for Justice League isn't close to their rivals at Marvel latest offering. I think Cyborg will be made regardless...DC needs(if for nothing more than publicity and political correctness)a character of color to compete with the upcoming Marvel Black Panther movie.

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Went to see Thor: Ragnorak yesterday.

Good movie lots of action, lots of humor.

They are changing the nature of Thor, is he going to be another of those mutants with special powers?

If they are going to travel in space shouldn't the entire avengers crew get trained in space ships?

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If they ever get around to adapting the Kree Skrull War storyline, the Avengers will definitely need to be checked out in spaceships, but I guess that could well come already in the coming two movies, given that they apparently have the Guardians of the Galaxy included in some form.




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