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2010 I&I

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If you don't know already, we're planning a Tanknet get-together for 08-13 Sep 2010, in the Puget Sound area. We want you there. Please see for details. I will remind you that we NEED to have our 18 rooms booked by the end of this month for our group rate. You don't have to cough up cash up front, and you CAN cancel later.


Let's get this show on the road!



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Puget Sound 2010


Our local arrangements committee met last week and we have significant progress to report.


(1) 9 Sept: The USN SubGroupNine has approved our Trident SSBN tour for the afternoon. So we will abbreviate our morning at Bremerton to the Inactive Ship Maint Piers, the USS Turner Joy museum ship, and the CVN visit -- if her maint availability permits not confirmed]. We then drive to the Keyport Undersea Warfare Museum, where USAians who wish the tour leave our foreign brothers [regrettably] and board the USN bus at 1230pm for the 2-hour visit to the SSBN. The museum is famous for displaying Trieste II, a complete IJN Kaiten manned torpedo [partly cutaway] and a first rate collection of torpedoes and mines, plus third generation exhibits on subs and undersea warfare. After we reassemble at the Keyport museum, we will stop at the Bremerton Shipyard museum close to the ferry terminal en rte back to the Seattle side of the Sound.


IMPORTANT: We have until 26 August to present SubGruNine with our list of SSBN tour attendees. So, we will need the following for each TN member [and companion, if applicable]: full name, first name, title [if preferred], confirm US citizen, and last 4 of SSN. We will be limited to 35 persons on this tour. Please send this data to any of our three local coordinators by e-mail or PM, and make sure you receive acknowledgement! We can expect no exceptions or fixes if one’s name is not on the final list.


10 Sept: Ft Lewis/McChord AFB: our visit to the Stryker Reception Center is approved by the site manager. We will see the variants opened for walk through/around, plus be able to visit the maint bays where they are being checked and reassembled. The we will hopefully visit the Battle Command Training Center and 4-6th Air Cav Sqdrn [both pending] before shifting to McChord AFB, where volunteers of the McChord museum will admit us to their restoration hangar [PBY-5A currently in the works], open up several of the exhibit aircraft at the Heritage Park [always the C-124 and C-141] being worked on, and if no rain comes they will raise the B-18’s dorsal turret for traversing. After a look at their small base museum displays, we return to Ft Lewis for the heavy side of the AFV house, the M1A1 tanks, Bradleys etc. of the Washington Natl Guard Unit Training Equipt Site and Combat Vehicle Maint Shop [final approval pending].


11 Sept: we think the Paul Allen Flying Heritage Museum, Boeing Assembly line tour [both in North Seattle] and the Museum of Flight [south Seattle] will fill the day, plus leave time for swim call and salmon BBQ.


12 Sept: any survivors hearty enough will be able to tour the CD forts at Pt Townsend and Keystone.


Irregularmedic, Ken Estes and 11E30 are coordinating of local arrangements. Anybody in the region interesting in assisting, please contact any of them.


(2) Headquarters/Encampment: SeaTac Airport strip Hotel/fast food/tavern/car rental concentration on International Boulevard between So 188th and So 192d Streets can support any and all tastes. Light rail and bus service to downtown Seattle from airport.


(3) The hotel chosen is the DoubleTree Hotel, located 2000m from the SeaTac (SEA) Intl Airport main terminal: 18740 Intl Blvd Seattle WA 98188

$109 per room single/double (at least a $50.00 discount) has std hotel amenities, view of Bow Lake, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, coffee shop. Shuttle service from airport, also a mere 10-minute walk from terminal. There are only 16 smoking rooms, filled on first-come basis. This was the best of all hotels in the zone.


To obtain the group rate:

1) Call the hotel directly: 206-246-8600

2) Call the 24 hour reservations hotline: 800-222-8733

3) Go on-line at http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/hot...ington/index.do


Please make sure you reference the group code TKN, and please confirm here once you've booked.

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We are down to a month to go from certain deadlines with regard to the I&I, and not much has happened. We only have 14 rooms reserved and six takers for the SSBN [several more pending]. We fear this will go as most I&I with a final flurry of decisions and arrivals, and so forth. Problem is, there are some lead times imposed on several events that will not flex with last minute arrivals.


Our local team has firmed up the schedule for Ft Lewis and McChord visit of 10 September, with all sites having agreed to host us, but some of the hours still to be confirmed. As for now, we will do the following:


10 Sept:

0715 depart hotel

0800 arrive McChord AFB gate

0830-1000 tour aircraft restoration hangar [PBY-5A and C-130E] and outdoor aircraft display.

1015-1130 to Ft Lewis, Stryker Reception Facility

1130-1300 4-6th Air Cavalry Squadron

1300-1430 Washington State ANG training pool facility: view legacy heavy AFVs: tanks, IFVs etc.

1430-end/exhaustion: Museums at Ft Lewis, Camp Murray and McChord AFB.


Deadlines are approaching! You need to confirm your hotel reservations, sign up for the 9 September SSBN tour and if a foreign visitor, sign up for base access for the 10 September events.


So, if you think there is any chance you might want to show up and take the SSBN tour on 9 September, please give us the data soonest. we are allowed to turn in 35 names NLT 26 August, and whereas we can delete no-shows, it will be impossible to add on new shows after we turn the list in on that day. We would like to have any and all names soonest. In case we have more than 35 names for the tour, we will come back to those who asked for the tour but have not yet made reservations for rooms, and ask for your final decision. But for now, please give us the data so we can get the ball rolling. What is required is last name, first name, title[if desired], citizenship [uS only of course] and last four of the SSN, for you and any person accompanying you on the SSBN. Send to any of our three local arrangers by PM or e-mail, and make sure they confirm! The reason for this is that you will be badged individually before entering the base and boarding the boat. We assume they also do a background check on us, watch lists and all that. They are very strict in this and other matters, let there be no doubt!


BTW, the deadline for reserving the group rate and rooms at the I&I HQ hotel is 20 August! To date 15 rooms are taken, including one by King Sargent that we have not had the heart to cancel. We can obtain more, but nothing is guaranteed after 20 August.


For the 10 September tours on board the army and air bases, our foreign members need to provide the following data to any of our three local arrangers by 20 August, in order to meet the base requirement of five working days minimum for processing: full name, nationality, birth date and place, passport/ID number.


That is all. Please advise your intentions soonest on the I&I thread in the FFZ.

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OK, here is our current status, as far as I can determine from previous postings on this thread, hotel reservations and signups for the SSBN tour, etc. I think we ought to ditch the 12-15 psgr van plan as too expensive [$800+ per] and our numbers may not warrant it. I am inventorying the solid attendee list, will show 'maybes' separately, and showing indications where several of them have/rent cars. My two cars will haul 11, and we can pass the hat to assist members who rent large or mid-size cars to help out. The key will be having DOD-carded drivers to enter the bases in convoy. So, no show stopper so far! I worry next that the sub group may not like our smaller than estimated group and canx us: we have only 8 thus far and I must send them the final list the 26th.


Please advise soonest what true status is, errors I have and so forth. We are getting down to the wire for booking the discounted rooms, signing up for the SSBN tour!


Cheers, Ken







Geoff Winnington-Ball

Estes [2 cars] [no hotel needed]


Michael Eastes [no hotel needed]

Richard Lindquist

Irregularmedic [no hotel needed]

11E30 [no hotel needed] [car?]

Greg Shaw [no hotel needed][car]

Mike Steele

Dave Clark

Banshee One

Alan Wotherspoon


Old Tanker [car?]

On the way [rental car] [not at main hotel]

Shot Magnet

Old Tanker



Hoped for, not confirmed either way:



Michael Dekmetzian

Hans Engstrom

Hittite Under The Bridge

Doug Kibbey


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