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The Manic Diaries, Afghan Edition.

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Congratulations! :)




Waitaminute.... you posted in May your wifey is due in 8 months, and now C-section, girl? Uhm, color me clueless, but when you said wifey was due in 8 months in your May post, was that recalling an episode several months ago...?


Yes. Notification of the pending Afghan trip and of the pending parenthood were both in October.



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Mazel, Nick. Lots of Mazel!


If this doesn't change your view of the world ... you need new glasses!


-Mark 1

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Someone has very low expectations:


Check out www.kvvu.com and look at the 'local news' headline...




Wow, neato! Live ammo! Uhh, just when the narrator mentions "it's a live ammunition exercise" at 2:00 in, the weapon on camera is shooting blue rounds. What are those?

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And he is a light col already. Cool!


Give it a few years, and we might see him giving a press conference Brig. Gen. of such-and-such unit...


... and in the background is Maj. Moran, with Nessie perched on his shoulder of course. :D ;)


Crappy office connection can't load vid....




So, that's how Scott sounds like. Always thought he had a deep, very serious, gruff voice, like the CSM in the vid.

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