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General Guidelines for this Subfora

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I asked Staff to create this subfora based on my own experiences finding lots of immediate photodocumentation for some events (IPMS-USA's 08 Convention), but sporadic and late photodocumentation for others (Telford/Scaleworld '08).


So, having said that, I'd like to suggest that the following guidelines for this subfora include (but are not limited to) the following.


* One thread for each event. Additional photodocumentation sites for an event should be posted as responses in the common thread for the event.


* Try to post links only, rather than pictures. A few pictures to give the "flavor" of the event might be nice ... but filling up a thread or post with pictures (especially large ones) is going to cause issues for folks with slower internet connections.


* Keep commentary to a minimum. Discussions of an event can take place in the general Modellers Forum.



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Works for me. Like I have any real say.



They're just proposed guidelines, Shot - more "good citizenship"/culture related than formal. The only formal ROEs are the official ones for TN.



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