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Very rich foods ....

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Published: Saturday, January 12, 2008 | 11:26 AM ET


WASHINGTON BOROUGH, N.J. - Two weeks after a Florida man found a rare pearl in his seafood, it's happened again - this time to a New Jersey man who was eating fried oysters.


Mike McHenry thought he had chomped down on a piece of shell Wednesday night and instead spit out a pea-sized pearl.


McHenry's find was rare, according to Gef Flimlin, a marine extension agent with Rutgers Cooperative Extension, who said 95 per cent of pearls are cultured for production, unlike the naturally formed pearl McHenry found.


But just last month, George Brock of Royal Palm Beach, Fla., found a rare iridescent purple pearl in his plate of steamed clams while dining in South Florida.


While Brock's purple pearl may be worth thousands, it appears McHenry isn't so lucky because his is misshapen and has some discoloration.


"It's a souvenir I'll put on my bar, maybe," McHenry said.


Soooooooo ... what unexpected surprizes have your found in your restaurant meals???

I can't recall anything other than bugs, bits of "something what is THAT???" , and hair hair hair ...


Lucky guy who found the good pearl!!!!!!! Nice to be a customer and get the tip ... and I hope he tipped the cook and waiter/waitress well!!! :D

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The meal of chicken curry, vegetables and rice had been packed and sent off to troops training in the jungles of Brunei.Those of us who were unwell plus some administrative types were in camp and the last to eat.As the cook was fishing out the last of the chicken in the large cooking pots , he found something rather large to be a chicken.Took a while to recognise it, a little kitten had somehow fallen into the pot.The troops in the field would have consumed the food before any alarm could be raised....True story.

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Company CO (a real class act, just graduated) ordered my platoon to carry bread from the delivery bay to the mess kitchen with our personal tent canvas (each soldier gets one).


Problem was, soldiers are already pretty pissed about having to “sanitize” the dumping ground and carry shit with those same tent canvases; various waste, a few dead dogs, food leftovers several days old.


Orders refused, prison time was threatend, untill the the battalion CO gets wind of this little rebellion and losses his temper BIG time with our company CO.


Heh, lost his temper with this guy a few times after that. Saw him shout at our CO a few times, once in front of a senior officers meeting I'd been summoned to (when trying to "correct" me), once in front of the entire assembled battalion, roughly about 800 soldiers.


Last I heard he was in charge of a "punishment"* platoon :P


* Bad boy recruits and troublemakers tend to get lumped together for extra discipline; supposed to break their “issues” with authority. Not an attractive posting.

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