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Jugoslavenska Narodna Armija (JNA)

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I'm trying to get a complete orbat of Yugoslavian People's Army ("Jugoslavenska Narodna Armija", JNA) around 1990 (before the civil war and the breakup of the state). What came out till now you can find in another topic here ("NATO OOB Mk. VII"). I did transfer the most important postings, you will find them next to this.



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NOTE: This post is outdated as it was a working version. For the results of this work see:











(free downloads)







NOTE: This is a constantly updated working version. Former postings of JNA orbats were very incomplete and sometimes incorrect. This one gives the latest results. Notice that all data in black letters are based on at least two independend sources (often more) or, if only one source available, a very credible one. Blue means likely, but insufficient confirmation. Red means unconfirmed data. Green means presumptions. Units marked with TO ("Teritorijalna Obrana") were under the command of the Republics Territorial Defense but here are listet within the JNA Corps area they were stationed at. Timeframe: 1989/1990. Readiness Categories (A, B, R) not always certain. A means 60-100 % of wartime strength, B means 15-60 % and R means 15 % or less.


HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. During the 80's the Yugoslav armed forces were in a process of fundamental transformation. Beginning in the early 80's new Partisan Divisions and Brigades were formed and put under JNA control, not under control of the TO. Then all Army HQs (with operational areas according more ore less to the borders of the Republics) and most of the Division HQs were disbanded and replaced by Military District Commands and a Corps-Brigade-organization modelled after much more realistic operational needs and real territorial divisions of the country (see www.camo.ch/ustrojjna.htm). Many Rifle Regiments and Partisan Brigades were "upgraded" and became Motorized Brigades. The participation of the Republics TO in the defense system was marginalized. The last organizational framework of JNA before the breakup of Yugoslavia ironically got the codename "Jedinstvo" - "Unity". It was startet in 1987, the first phase should be finalized in 1989/1990. A second phase (till 1995) was planned.







Personnel: 236.918 planned strength (plus 38.423 civilian employees), wartime: 1.058.378 (1990, numbers include Air Force and Navy, not Territorial Defense with up to 1,5 Million combatants).

In fact the Land Forces ("Kopnene Vojske", KoV) probably had around 140.000, Air Force ("RV i PVO") 32.000 and Navy (RM) 10.000 (including 2.300 at Coastal Artillery an 900 Marines),

that gives a total of 182.000 active personnel (101.500 conscripts).



Ministry of Defense ("Savezni Sekretariat za Narodnu Obranu", SSNO), Belgrade


Nuclear War Command Headquarters ("Atomska Ratna Komanda", ARK), Konjic*


Alternate Supreme Command Headquarters, Crna Rijeka (near Han Pijesak)


Electronic Intelligence and ECM Center ("EI i PED"), Split-Divulje

Electronic Intellingence and ECM Center, Velika Buna (near Zagreb)

Electronic Intelligence and ECM Bn, Titovo Uzice

Electronic Intelligence and ECM unit, Prokuplje


Guards Motorized Brigade, Belgrade, strength: 4000 men - A

-1. Tank Bn

-1. Motorized Bn

-2. Motorized Bn

-1. Military Police Bn (included an anti-terrorist company)

-2. Military Police Bn

-1. Light Air Defense Artillery Bn

-Security Guard Bn

-Logistics Bn


63. Airborne Brigade, Nis (officially was part of the Air Force, under direct command of Ministry of Defense) - A

Special Forces Group of the General Staff, Pancevo

Airborne Special Forces Coy, Nis


63. (Separate) Partisan Brigade, Belgrade-Zvezdara

81. (Separate) Partisan Brigade, Mala Mostanica

Technical and Supply Base of the General Staff (former 608. Logistics Base)


317. Signal Regiment, Bijeljina

398. Signal Regiment, Titovo Uzice


Three Signal Regiments

One Engineer Regiment

One Light Air Defense Artillery Group)


*underground facility known as "Objekat D-O" (object D-O), could host some 350 people and withstand a nuclear explosion of 25-30 ktn


1. Military District ("Vojna Oblast" = VO), Belgrade-Topcider (former 1. Army)


4. Motorized Divison (being disbanded)

22. Rifles Division (being disbanded)


389. Missile Artillery Brigade, Banja Luka (Luna-M/NATO-Code Frog-7) - A/B


1. Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade, Belgrade - B

16. Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade, Backa Topola - B*


152. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Cuprija

240. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Sarajevo-Lukavica (KUB/NATO-Code SA-6)

310. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Kragujevac-Sumarice (KUB)

?. Special Forces Recce Bn, Vrdnik


?. Signal Regiment, Sarajevo-Lukavica

?. Military Police Bn

1. Military District Electronic Reconnaissance Plt ("Elektronski Izvidnicki Vod" = EIV), Batajnica (Air-Force-manned, equipped with 5 to 6 Gazelle-HERA-Helicopters)


46. Protection Regiment, Belgrade-Topcider (formed around 1990)


?. Replacement Regiment

*could have been under command of 12. Corps at Novi Sad

The River Flotilla, Novi Sad

1. Proletarian Guard Mechanized Division, Belgrade-Banjica - B

1. Proletarian Guard Mechanized Brigade, Belgrade - B

2. Proletarian Guard Mechanized Brigade, Valjevo - B

3. Proletarian Guard Mechanized Brigade, Pozarevac - B

1. Proletarian Guard Mixed Artillery Regiment, Kragujevac

1. Proletarian Guard Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

1. Proletarian Guard Light Mixed Air Defense Regiment

1. Proletarian Guard Engineer Bn, Belgrade-Topcider

1. Proletarian Guard Signal Bn


Belgrade City Military Command

505. Motorized Brigade, Belgrade

151. Motorized Brigade, Belgrade

153. Motorized Brigade, Obrenovac

150. Motorized Rifles Regiment, Belgrade

22. Mixed Anti Tank Regiment, Belgrade

22. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Belgrade


4. Corps, Sarajevo

10. Motorized Brigade, Mostar - upgraded from B to A in 1990

49. Motorized Brigade, Sarajevo-Lukavica - A

120. Light Infantry Brigade, Sarajevo

651. Motorized Brigade

216. Mountain Brigade, Han Pijesak

431. Bridge Bn, Capljina

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

?. Military Police Bn, Sarajevo

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

27. Logistics Base, Sarajevo

724. Logistics Base, Mostar

5. Corps, Banja Luka - peacetime strength: 4.500

329. Armored Brigade, Banja Luka - upgraded from B to A in 1990

343. Motorized Brigade, Prijedor

327. Motorized Brigade, Derventa

16. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Banja Luka

40. Partisan Divison, Slavonska Pozega - R

10. Partisan Division - R

13. Partisan Division - R

5. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Banja Luka

5. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Banja Luka

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Banja Luka

293. Engineer Regiment, Banja Luka (one source says Nova Topola)

188. Bridge Bn

?. Signal Bn, Banja Luka

5. Military Police Bn, Banja Luka

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

993. Logistics Base, Banja Luka-Krcmarice


12. Corps, Novi Sad

18. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Novi Sad

36. Mechanized Brigade, Subotica - A

51. Mechanized Brigade, Pancevo - A

453. Mechanized Brigade, Sremska Mitrovica - B/R

506. Rifles Brigade, Zrenjanin

16. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Ruma

12. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Novi Sad

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

497. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

12. Military Police Bn, Novi Sad

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

?. Border Bn, Vrsac

?. Border Bn, Kikinda

793. Logistics Base, Novi Sad (or Petrovaradin)

17. Corps, Tuzla

12. Proletarian Mechanized Brigade, Osijek - A

92. Motorized Brigade, Tuzla

395. Motorized Brigade, Brcko

130. Motorized Brigade

158. Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade, Dakovo - B*

11. Partisan Division, Doboj - R

38. Partisan Division, Bijeljina - R

454. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Derventa

12. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Vinkovci

17. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Vinkovci

?. Engineer Regiment

670. Bridge Bn, Slavonski Brod

?. Signal Bn, Tuzla

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

17. Transportation Bn, Tuzla

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

51. Border Bn, Beli Manastir

904. Logistics Base, Sevarlije-Potocani (near Doboj)


*could have been under direct command of 1. Military District

24. Corps, Kragujevac

80. Motorized Brigade, Kragujevac

169. Motorized Brigade, Loznica

9. Motorized Brigade, Zajecar

35. Motorized Brigade, Mladenovac

24. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

24. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Bridge Bn, Obrenovac

?. Signal Bn

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

524. Logistics Base, Kragujevac

37. Corps, Titovo Uzice

252. Armored Brigade, Kraljevo - B

544. Motorized Brigade, Sabac

19. Mountain Brigade, Pozega

20. Motorized Brigade, Valjevo

27. Motorized Brigade, Kraljevo

37. Motorized Brigade, Raska

168. Rifles Brigade, Novi Pazar

473. Motorized Brigade, Gornji Milanovac

51. Partisan Division, Nova Varos - R

46. Partisan Brigade, Cacak

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

579. Engineer Regiment, Kraljevo

402. Bridge Bn, Sabac

228. Signal Bn, Gornji Milanovac

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy


3. Military District, Skopje (former 3. Army)


37. Motorized Division (being disbanded)


203. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Nis

150. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Vranje

326. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Danilovgrad


102. Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade, Gnjilane - B


230. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Nis (KUB)

311. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Pristina-Slatina (KUB)

?. Special Forces Group ("odred"), Skopje

?. Special Forces Recce Bn, Pirot

319. Signal Regiment, Skopje


?. Protection Regiment

?. Replacement Regiment


3. Military Police Bn

255. Training Center, Kursumlija

201. Logistics Base, Paracin

202. Logistics Base

186. Technical Center

147. Quartermaster Center

559. Transportation Bn

3. Military District EIV, Skopje-Petrovec (see above)

109. Electronic Reconnaissance Center

2. Corps, Titograd

5. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Titograd

57. Mountain Brigade, Pljevlja - R

179. Mountain Brigade, Niksic

3. Motorized Brigade, Ivangrad

23. Brigade, Bileca / Bosnian TO - R

1. Brigade / Montenegrian TO, Titograd - R

3. Partizan Division

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

21. Corps, Nis

211. Armored Brigade, Nis - B

2. Motorized Brigade, Nis

4. Motorized Brigade, Pirot

9. Mountain/Rifles Brigade, Pirot

135. Motorized Brigade, Surdulica

148. Motorized Brigade, Aleksinac

175. Rifles Brigade

805. Motorized Brigade, Prokuplje

354. Rifles Brigade, Kursumlija

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

287. Military Police Bn, Nis

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn, Nis

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

525. Logistics Base

?. Border Bn, Pirot

41. Corps, Bitola

87. Motorized Brigade, Tetovo - A

243. (Proletarian) Armored Brigade, Skopje - B

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

?. Border Bn, Ohrid



42. Corps, Kumanovo

212. Motorized Brigade, Titov Veles

592. Motorized Brigade, Kumanovo

39. Rifles Brigade, Stip

89. Rifles Regiment, Kumanovo

?. Mixed Artillery Regiment

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

?. Engineer Regiment

?. Signal Bn

?. Military Police Bn

?. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

52. Corps, Pristina

15. Proletarian Mechanized Brigade, Pristina - A

125. Motorized Brigade, Titova Mitrovica

58. Light Infantry Brigade, Leposavic

549. Motorized Brigade, Prizren

7. Rifles Brigade

52. Military Police Bn, Pristina

52. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Dakovica

52. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Gnjilane

?. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment

52. Engineer Regiment, Krusevac

?. Signal Bn

52. Medical Bn

?. Transportation Bn

?. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

52. Recce Coy

53. Border Bn, Dakovica

55. Border Bn, Prizren

57. Border Bn, Urosevac


5. Military District, Zagreb (former 5. Army), peacetime strength: 39.945 men (1990)

6. Proletarian Rifles Division, Karlovac (disbanded in 1990)


202. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Slovenska Bistrica

580. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Karlovac - upgraded from B to A in 1990


288. Mixed Anti-Tank Brigade, Virovitica - upgraded from B to A in 1990


149. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Zagreb-Pleso (KUB)


?. NBC Defense Bn, Zagreb-Borongaj


367. Signal Regiment, Samobor

308. Signal Regiment, Ljubljana


10. Special Forces Group, Dugo Selo*

Special Forces Recce unit, Maribor

65. Protection Regiment, Dugo Selo (formed around 1990)


?. Replacement Regiment


5. Military District EIV, Zagreb-Pleso (see above)


653. Training Center, Otocac


*could have been part of 65. Protection Regiment


Zagreb City Military Command (was disbanded in 1990)

6. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment - R

6. Mixed Artillery Regiment - R

6. Light Air Defense Artillery Group

10. Corps, Zagreb (was established in 1990)

4. Armored Brigade, Jastrebarsko - upgraded from B to A in 1990

140. Mechanized Brigade, Dugo Selo* - A

(140. Motorized Brigade, Zagreb)* - B

(31. Mechanized Brigade, Dugo Selo)* - R

622. Motorized Brigade, Petrinja - R

257. Motorized Brigade, Petrinja (new formation created of 257. and 291. Rifles Regiment and 205. Tank Bn around 1990) - R

33. Partisan Division, Dugo Selo - R

4. Partisan Brigade, Karlovac - R

10. Recce Coy - R

10. Military Police Bn - R

10. NBC Defense Coy - R

10. Signal Bn - R

10. Medical Bn - R

60. Medical Coy - R

10. Transportation Coy - R

10. Replacement Bn - R

306. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Karlovac (one source says Zagreb)

313. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment - R

151. Anti-Tank Artillery Battery - R

152. Anti-Tank Artillery Battery - R

167. Self-propelled Anti-Tank Artillery Group, Zagreb

513. Engineer Brigade (planned, should be created of 10. and 258. Engineer Regiment around 1991)

123. Bridge Bn, Dugo Selo - A

671. Bridge Bn - R

485. Bridge Bn, Karlovac

17. Bridge Coy

74. Bridge Coy

530. Logistics Base, Bosanski Petrovac

944. Logistics Base, Karlovac


*140. Motorized and 31. Mechanized Brigade merged into 140. Mechanized Brigade in 1990


13. Corps, Rijeka (former "13. Operational Group")

13. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Illirska Bistrica - upgraded from B to A in 1990

8. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Karlovac - R (formed of 9. and 10. Rifles Regiment in 1990)

6. Mountain Brigade, Delnice - B

12. Mountain Brigade, Bihac (existed in the mid 80's, could have been disbanded around 1990)

236. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Gospic (formed of 9. and 10. Rifles Regiment after 6. Proletarian Rifles Division was disbanded in 1990) - R

25. Motorized Brigade, Pazin*

8. Partisan Division (disbanded around 1990)

35. Partisan Division, Gospic - R (had two Brigades only)

43. Partisan Divison, Pazin - R

1. Brigade / Croatian TO, Gracac - R

5. Brigade / Croatian TO, Titova Korenica - R

13. Recce Coy - R

13. Military Police Bn, Rijeka - R

13. NBC Defense Coy - A

13. Signal Bn, Rijeka - R

13. Medical Bn - R

13. Transportation Bn - R

13. Replacement Bn - R

13. Light Air Defense Artillery Bn - R

13. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment - R

166. Self-propelled Anti-Tank Artillery Group, Bihac

?. Self-propelled Anti-Tank Artillery Group

13. Mixed Artillery Regiment - R

127. Engineer Regiment - A

540. Bridge Bn - R

?. Bridge Coy - R

?. Bridge Coy - R

?. Bridge Coy - R

*was reorganized as 25. Rifles Brigade around 1990 when 139. Motorized Brigade was formed at 5. Maritime Sector)


14. Corps, Ljubljana (former "14. Proletarian Motorized Division") - peactime strength (1990): 13.900 men

1. Armored Brigade, Vrhnika - upgraded from B to A in 1990

14. Proletarian Motorized Brigade, Ljubljana-Sentvid - R

228. Motorized Brigade, Postojna - A

253. Motorized Brigade, Ajdovscina

345. Alpine Brigade, Kranj - B

15. Partisan Division, Novo Mesto - R

-5. Partisan Brigade, Ljubljana

-14. Partisan Brigade, Novo Mesto

-25. Partisan Brigade, Ribnica

30. Partisan Divison, Vrhnika - R

-13. Partisan Brigade, Rakek

-19. Partisan Brigade, Ajdovscina

-20. Partisan Brigade, Vrhnika

1. Separate Partisan Brigade - R

14. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Ribnica

14. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Veliki Otok (near Postojna)

314. Anti-Tank Artillery Group

168. Barrage/Fortress Battery

635. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Ljubljana-Sentvid

14. Engineer Regiment, Skofja Loka

45. Bridge Coy

14. Signal Bn, Ljubljana

298. Military Police Bn, Ljubljana

14. Medical Bn, Ljubljana

14. Transportation Bn

14. Replacement Bn

61. Border Bn, Radovljica

62. Border Bn, Tolmin

63. Border Bn, Nova Gorica

64. Border Bn, Sezana

528. Logistics Base, Ljubljana



31. Corps, Maribor (former "31. Infantry Division") - peacetime strength (1990): 6300 men

6. Motorized Brigade, Celje

145. Motorized Brigade, Novo Mesto

195. Motorized Rifles Brigade, Maribor - B

325. Motorized Brigade

29. Partisan Division, Ptuj - R

11. Separate Partisan Brigade, Slovenska Bistrica - R

31. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Maribor

417. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Ptuj

183. Anti-Tank Artillery Battery

186. Anti-Tank Artillery Battery

31. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Ptuj

522. Engineer Regiment, Celje

270. Bridge Bn

76. Bridge Coy

31. Military Police Bn, Maribor

31. Signal Bn

31. Medical Bn

31. Transportation Bn

31. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

65. Border Bn, Murska Sobota

66. Border Bn, Maribor

67. Border Bn, Dravograd

699. Logistics Base, Celje


32. Corps, Varazdin (former "32. Mechanized Division")

32. Mechanized Brigade, Varazdin - A

265. Mechanized Brigade, Bjelovar - upgraded from B to A in 1990

73. Motorized Brigade, Koprivnica - B/R

28. Partisan Division, Bjelovar - R

32. Partisan Division, Varazdin - R

411. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Krizevci - R

32. Mixed Artillery Regiment, Varazdin

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

32. Engineer Regiment, Cakovec

32. Military Police Bn, Varazdin

32. Signal Bn, Varazdin

32. Medical Bn, Varazdin

32. Transportation Bn

32. Replacement Bn

32. NBC Defense Coy, Varazdin

?. Recce Coy

42. Border Bn, Virovitica

43. Border Bn, Koprivnica




Maritime Military District ("vojnopomorska oblast", VPO), Split


Operations Center VPO, Zrnovnica

108. Coastal Missile Brigade, Radovici (P-20/SS-N-2C Styx)

60. Self-propelled Medium Air Defense Missile Regiment, Sepurine (KUB)*

82. Naval Center ("Pomorski Centar", Naval Special Forces unit), Split-Divulje

?. Naval Special Forces Unit, Pula

332. Signal Regiment, Sinj


290. Military Police Bn, Split


Maritime Military District EIV, Split-Divulje (see above)


*in peacetime also training unit of Air Defense School at Zadar



The Fleet (HQ at Split)



9. Corps, Knin (former "9. Rifles Division")

221. Motorized Brigade, Knin - B

180. Motorized Brigade, Benkovac

62. Motorized Brigade, Benkovac*

3. Brigade / Croatian TO - R

9. Mixed Artillery Regiment

557. Mixed Anti-Tank Regiment, Knin

?. Light Air Defense Artillery Regiment

594. Engineer Regiment, Sinj

9. Military Police Bn, Knin

9. Signal Bn

9. Medical Bn

9. Transportation Bn

9. Replacement Bn

?. NBC Defense Coy

?. Recce Coy

405. Logistics Base, Knin

*mentioned at the Hague war crimes tribunal, no other confirmation

5. Maritime Sector Command, Pula

139. (Guard) Marine Rifles Brigade, Pula (reorganized as 139. Motorized Brigade around 1990)

?. Military Police Bn

?. Signal Bn

?. Coastal Surveillance Bn

?. Naval Logistics Base

8. Maritime Sector Command, Sibenik

11. Proletarian Marine Rifles Brigade, Sibenik (reorganized as 12. Amphibious Brigade around 1990)

?. Military Police Bn

?. Signal Bn

?. Coastal Surveillance Bn

404. Naval Logistics Base, Ploce


*11. Brigade at Sibenik and 139. Brigade at Pula definitely existed both in the mid 80's and then eventually were reorganized and got new designations. 11., 139. and 25. Motorized Brigade listet in Orbat of 1987. 11. Brigade in 1992 was reorganized as 11. Motorized Brigade and was involved in civil war in Bosnia, one source claims


9. Maritime Sector Command, Kumbor

472. Motorized Brigade, Trebinje - B

24. Motorized Rifles Brigade, Trebinje

521. Marine Rifles Regiment

107. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Radovici

?. Military Police Bn

?. Signal Bn

?. Coastal Surveillance Bn

337. (367.?) Naval Logistics Base


Separate Naval Base Commands*:

Vis Island

Lastovo Island

Mali Losinj Island


*each had:

2-3 Rifle Coys

1 Light Artillery Group

1 Heavy Artillery Group

1-2 Coastal Missile Groups

1 Engineer Coy or Plt

1 Coastal Surveillance Coy

1 Logistics Coy


Other installations:


NBC-Laboratory, Mostar

Technical Test Center, Belgrade-Kumodraz


Navy Installations:

Naval Test Center, Split-Lora

Naval Hydrographical Institute, Split

Shipbuilding Institute, Zagreb

Naval Medical Institute, Split

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In addition to the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) orbat here an example for the organization of the separate Territorial Defense (TO) of the Republics:


Slovenian Territorial Defense, personnel strength: 75.000 men (reservists)

Under direct command of the Slovenian TO Staff (HQ at Ljubljana) was the 27. Protection Brigade TO.

The Republic's Staff was commanding 12 Regional Staffs and one Capital Area Staff with several combat formations from company to brigade strength. They all had to be mobilized. Their (mostly light and old) arms were stored in many small depots throughout the country.

The regions were:


Gorenjska (HQ at Kranj)

Dolenjska (HQ at Novo Mesto)

Vzhodnostajerska (HQ at Maribor)

Zahodnostajerska (HQ at Celje)

Pomurje (HQ at Murska Sobota)

Koroska (HQ at Slovenj Gradec)

Zasavje (HQ at Trbovlje)

Posavje (HQ at Brezice)

Notranjska (HQ at Postojna)

Juzniprimorska (HQ at Nova Gorica)

Severnoprimorsko (HQ at Koper)

Ljubljanska (Ljubljana county TO)

Ljubljana City TO


Subordinated to this regional staffs were 62 communal TO staffs.


There could have been (i'm not quite sure) an underground Command Center of TO at Gotenica (near Kocevje). The bunker for sure is still there.

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Edit - some numbers corected/more detailed... When it is noted xx aquired/produced/converted that is the original number of vehicles - it is only a rough guideline how many wee in service in late '80s.



M-84 - 370 produced till the end of 1988 - breakdown of production:

1984 - 5 "zero series" vehicles

1985 - 10 "zero series" vehicles, 14 1st series

1986 - 41 1st series, 60 2nnd series

1987 - 20 2nd series, 40 mid-series, 60 3rd series

1988 - 20 3rd series, 100 4th series.


First 5 of "zero series" vehicles were used for training only. 0th and 1st series had 1st gen II, L2G searchlight diferent wind sensor and less accurate stabiliser.


M-84A - production just entered in 1988, total of 80 were produced for JNA until january 1990.


Units that used M-84 in 1991:

1st Armored Brigade - Vrhnika

4th Armored Brigade - Jastrebarsko (one Bn only)

211th Armored Brigade - Nis

252th Armored Brigade - Kraljevo (1st and 0th series vehicles)

329th Armored Brigade - Banja Luka (T-7M and M-84)

51st Mechanised Brigade - Pancevo

243rd Armored Brigade - Skoplje


T-72M - ~75

T-55 (USSR) - 20 or 120 aquired (two sources note two totaly different numbers), most probably all were retired until 1991.

T-55A (USSR) - 380 aquired

T-55A (Poland) - 300 aquired

T-55A (CZ) - 300 aquired


T-34-85M/M1 - ~150-250 (all reserve)

M-47 - ~100 (all reserve)

PT-76B - ~40



SO-100 M-44 (SU-100) - ~30 aquired (few of those survived to be used in Bosnia despite being formaly removed from service in 1990.)

SO-90 M-36 mod - 200 converted (about ~100 reserve)

SO-90 M36B1 - ~20 (all reserve)

SO-76 M-18 - ~70 (all reserve, formaly totaly removed from service in 1990 but used in 1991-95.)


APCs and recce:

BRDM-2 - ~60

BRDM-2A - ~20 (BRDM-2 with new radios and night vision devices)

BTR-50PK/PU - 150 aquired, most being PU command version

M-60P - 600 produced for JNA (another 190 were exported)

M-80A - 517 (it apears that all original M-80 were reworked to M-80A standard by 1987/88)

BTR-60PB, BTR-60PU and TAB-71M - ~60

M-86 BOV-VP - 72 or 150



2P26 (GAZ-69 Snapper) - 60 aquired (most should have been removed from service in late '80s - those remaining were reserve)

2P27 (BRDM-1 Snapper) - ~12 (all reserve)

9P122 (BRDM-2 Sagger) - ~36 (all reserve)

9P133 (BRDM-2 Sagger-B) - ~75

POLO M-83 - ~80

POLO M-80A LT - 12


SP-artilery and MRLs:

2S1 Gvozdika - 82 or 90

128mm M63 Plamen - 88

128mm M77 Oganj - 51

262mm M87 Orkan - 12


Anti tank guns:

100mm M87/M91 Topaz - 35



81mm M69B-D - 168

82mm M69A - 1103

120mm M74 - 283

120mm M75 - 802


Guns and howitzers:

25pdr Mk.2 - 40

105mm M56 - 260

105mm M2A1 - 105

122mm M38 - 89

122mm D-30 -20

122mm D-30J/D30J1 - 303

130mm M46 - 256

152mm D-20J - 25

152mm M84 Nora-A - 92

152mm M46/86 - 12

155mm M1A1 (gun) - 137

155mm M1 - 95

155mm M65 - 6


AA guns:

12.7/4mm M71 - 60 (quad AN-M3 on M55 caridge, used for airfield defence - those were eventualy retired in 1989 and replaced with 20/3mm M55A3/A4)

37/1mm M39 - 400 aquired, probably less then 100 still in reserves

40/1mm Mk1/Mk12 - 128

40/1mm M1 - 260

40/1mm L/70 - 260

57/1mm S-60 - 250 aquired, probably ~150 still in reserves




ZSU-57-2 - 60

M-53/59, M-53/70 - 789 aquired until 1981. 720 were overhauled in 1982-85 with new engines. About 100 got new J171 sight (Galileo P-36)

BOV-3 - ~100

Strela-1M (SA-9B) - ~100

Strela-10M (SA-13B) - 14 or 18



9K111 Fagot (AT-4 Spigot) - ~250 launchers

Used by (probably incomplete list):

Guards Motorised Brigade - Belgrade

63. Airborne Brigade, Nis - not confirmed

252. Armored Brigade, Kraljevo


9K11 Maljutka (AT-3 Sagger) - ~1200 launchers - most probably about 900-1000 in active service

BGM-71 TOW - ~40 launchers, only 10 complete

Dragon - ~60 launchers (those were used for a short time in 1977-1979 before being replaced by Fagot)



82mm M60/M60A - ~1200

105mm M65 - ~20


Long range rocket launchers

Luna-M (FROG-7) - 16 launchers

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Orbat of Yugoslav Air Force and Air Defense ("Ratno Vazduhoplovstvo i Protiv Vazdusna Odbrana", RV i PVO):


NOTE: Data from 1984, see new posting



HQ RV i PVO, Zemun


Alternate Operations Center, Jahorina


Direct reporting units:


99. Military Police Coy, Zemun


98. Signal Coy, Zemun (was disbanded in 1987)

321. Signal Bn, Sarajevo-Nedjarici

322. Signal Bn, Petrovaradin


Air Force Academy, Zadar-Zemunik

975. Air Force Training Center, Sombor

672. Driving School Center, Kovin

Air Force Medical Institute, Zemun

Air Force Test Center, Batajnica

Air Force Military Technical Institute, Belgrade

Air Force Technical Training Center, Sarajevo-Rajlovac

Air Defense School, Zadar-Zemunik

Air Force High School "Marsal Tito", Mostar (operated UTVA-75 and some gliders)


63. Airborne Brigade, Nis


138. Transport Aviation Brigade, Batajnica

-675. Transport Squadron (Yak-40, 2 Falcon-50, 4 Learjet-25, 4 Do-28D)

-678. Transport Squadron (Yak-40)

-890. Transport Helicopter Squadron (Mi-8, S.A. 341 Gazelle, S.A. 342 Gazelle)




1. Air Corps, Batajnica


210. Signal Bn, Belgrade-Banjica


Staff Helicopter Squadron, Batajnica (14 S.A. 316 Alouette III, Mi-8)


97. Aviation Brigade, Split-Divulje*

-240. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-21 Jastreb)

-353. Recce Squadron (IJ-22 Orao)

-676. Fire-Fighting Squadron (4 CL-215)

-784. ASW-Helicopter Squadron (6 to 8 Ka-25, 2 or 3 Ka-28, 4 Mi-14)

-790. Transport Helicopter Squadron (10 Mi-8)


*underground facility


107. Helicopter (Training?) Regiment, Mostar-Ortijes*

-782. Helicopter Squadron (S.A. 341 Gazelle, S.A. 342 Gazelle, Mi-8)

-783. Helicopter Squadron (S.A. 341 Gazelle, S.A. 342 Gazelle)


*underground facility

204. Fighter Regiment, Batajnica

-126. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21bis)

-127. Fighter Squadron (14 MiG-29A, 2 MiG-29UB)


250. Air Defense Missile Brigade, Belgrade-Banjica (Operational HQ at Strazevica Mtn.)

-1. AD Missile Group, Jakovo (S-75 Dvina, NATO code SA-2)

-2. AD Missile Group, Obrenovac (S-75 Dvina)

-3. AD Missile Group, Mladenovac (S-75 Dvina)

-4. AD Missile Group, Smederevo (S-75 Dvina)

-5. AD Missile Group, Batajnica (S-125 Neva, NATO code SA-3)

-6. AD Missile Group, Pancevo (S-125 Neva)

-7. AD Missile Group, Jakovo (S-125 Neva)

-8. AD Missile Group, Zuce (S-125 Neva)

-1. Missile-Technical Group, Sremcica (for Dvina-units)

-2. Missile-Technical Group, Zuce (for Neva-units)


1. Air Control Regiment ("Vazdusno Osmatranje, Javljanje i Navodjenje" = VOJIN), Banjica

-20. Air Control Bn, Stari Banovci

-58. Air Control Bn, Sarajevo-Nedjarice

-61. Air Control Bn, Split


333. Engineer Bn, Pancevo


130. Air Base, Sarajevo-Rajlovac

-93. Security Bn, Glamoc

-281. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Company


177. Air Base, Batajnica

-177. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Batajnica

-15. Security Bn, Kovin

-55. Security Bn, Surcin

-64. Security Bn, Valjevo-Divci


285. Air Base, Kraljevo-Ladjevci

-285. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Kraljevo-Ladjevci

-85. Security Bn, Sjenica

-87. Security Bn, Ponikve

-174. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Trstenik


399. Air Base, Tuzla

-399. Light AD Artillery/Missile Regiment, Tuzla

-18. Security Bn, Banja Luka


171. Air Base, Mostar-Ortijes

-171. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Mostar

-72. Security Bn, Cilipi



3. Air Corps, Nis


112. Signal Bn, Nis


Staff Helicopter Squadron (some Alouette-III, 8 Mi-8), Nis


83. Fighter Regiment, Pristina-Slatina*

-123. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21bis)

-130. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21M/MF)


*Second largest underground air base in Yugoslavia, see also Bihac-Zeljava

98. Aviation Brigade, Skopje-Petrovec

-241. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-22 Orao)

-247. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-21 Jastreb)

-354. Recce Squadron (IJ-21 Jastreb)


119. Aviation Brigade, Nis

-677. Transport Squadron (An-2, An-26)

-712. Anti-Tank Helicopter Squadron (Gazelle GAMA)

-714. Anti-Tank Helicopter Squadron (Gazelle GAMA)

-787. Transport Helicopter Squadron (Mi-8)


172. Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Titograd-Golubovci*

-239. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (G-4 Super Galeb)

-242. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-21 Jastreb, J-22 Orao)


*underground facility


450. Air Defense Missile Regiment, Skopje-Petrovec

-1. AD Missile Group, Skopje (S-125 Neva)

-2. AD Missile Group, Skopje-Petrovec (S-125 Neva)

-3. AD Missile Group, Cojlije (S-125 Neva)

-4. AD Missile Group, Skopje (S-125 Neva)

-1. Missile-Technical Group, Cojlije


3. Air Control Regiment

-31. Air Control Bn, Kraljevo

-68. Air Control Bn, Kumanovo


359. Engineer Bn, Kraljevo-Ladjevci


161. Air Base, Nis

-161. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Nis


165. Air Base, Skopje-Petrovec

-165. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Skopje-Petrovec

-147. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Rezanovce

-148. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Ohrid


423. Air Base, Titograd-Golubovci

-423. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Titograd

-30. Security Bn, Ivangrad

-186. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Niksic


492. Air Base, Pristina-Slatina

-492. Light AD Artillery/Missile Regiment, Pristina-Slatina



5. Air Corps, Zagreb


220. Signal Bn, Zagreb (was disbanded in 1986)

289. Signal Bn, Kerestinec


Staff Helicopter Squadron, Zagreb-Pleso (Mi-8)


82. Aviation Brigade, Cerklje

-237. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-21 Jastreb, NJ-21 Jastreb)

-238. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (J-22 Orao, NJ-22 Orao)

-351. Recce Squadron (IJ-21 Jastreb, INJ-21 Jastreb, IJ-22 Orao, INJ-22 Orao)


105. Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Zadar-Zemunik

-249. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (G-4 Super Galeb)

-251. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (G-2A Galeb)

-333. Aviation Squadron (UTVA-75, An-2, S.A. 341 Gazelle, G-4 Super Galeb)


111. Aviation Brigade, Zagreb-Pleso

-679. Transport Squadron (An-2, An-26)

-711. Anti-Tank Helicopter Squadron (Gazelle GAMA)

-713. Anti-Tank Helicopter Squadron (Gazelle GAMA)

-780. Transport Helicopter Squadron (Mi-8)


117. Fighter Regiment, Bihac-Zeljava*

-124. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21bis)

-125. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21bis)

-352. Recce Squadron (MiG-21R)


352. Electronic Reconnaissance Squadron, Bihac-Zeljava*


*Largest unterground facility of RV i PVO digged deeply under a mountain that could withstand a hit from a nuclear bomb, known as "objekat 505" = object 505, sometimes called "The NORAD of Yugoslavia", space for up to 80 MiG-21-fighters. Would have been a perfect set for James-Bond-Movies)

185. Fighter-Bomber Regiment, Pula

-129. Fighter Squadron (MiG-21PFM, MiG-21 UM/US)

-229. Fighter-Bomber Squadron (G-4 Super Galeb)


155. Air Defense Missile Regiment, Kerestinec

-1. AD Missile Group, Cerklje (S-75M Volhov, NATO-Code SA-2C)

-2. AD Missile Group, Karlovac (S-75M Volhov)

-3. AD Missile Group, Sisak (S-75M Volhov)

-4. AD Missile Group, Zabok (S-75M Volhov)

-1. Missile-Technical Group, Kerestinec


350. Air Defense Missile Regiment, Vrhnika

-1. AD Missile Group, Ljubljana-Sentvid (S-125 Neva)

-2. AD Missile Group, Ljubljana-Polje (S-125 Neva)

-3. AD Missile Group, Logatec (S-125 Neva)

-4. AD Missile Group, Postojna (S-125 Neva)

-1. Missile-Technical Group, Vrhnika


5. Air Control Regiment, Zagreb-Pleso

-51. Air Control Bn, Bihac-Zeljava

-91. Air Control Bn, Vrhnika


379. Engineer Bn, Zagreb


84. Air Base, Zadar-Zemunik

-84. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Zadar-Zemunik

-62. Security Bn, Split-Divulje

-50. Security Bn, Split-Divulje


151. Air Base, Zagreb-Pleso

-151. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Zagreb-Pleso

-67. Security Bn, Udbina

-196. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Zagreb-Lucko


200. Air Base, Bihac-Zeljava

-200. Light AD Artillery/Missile Regiment, Bihac (20/3mm, 40mm Bofors, Strela/SA-7, one battery each)

-236. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Prijedor


474. Air Base, Cerklje

-474. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Cerklje

-27. Security Bn, Novo Mesto

-88. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Brnik

-262. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Bled


258. Air Base, Pula

-258. Light AD Artillery/Missile Group, Pula

-81. Security Bn, Krk

-243. Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Squadron, Grobnicko Polje


Aviation units of the Territorial Defense of the Republics (TO):


Light Combat Aviaton Squadron ("Eskadrila Lake Borbene Aviacije" = ELABA) Slovenia, Brnik (J-20 Kraguj)

ELABA Montenegro, Titograd-Golubovci (J-20 Kraguj)

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Found this orbat of Zeljava underground air base units at www.firewirehr.host.sk/Zeljava-jna_jedinice.html

See also www.firewirehr.host.sk/Zeljava-index2.html with pics, videos and maps of the underground facility



200. Air Base, Bihac-Zeljava

HQ/HQ Company

Military Police Company

Infantry/Rifles Company

Engineer Battalion

Signal Company

NBC Defense Platoon

Air Operations Center/Flight Control

Logistics Company

Transportation ("Car") Company

Medical Platoon

Fire-fighting Platoon

Construction Company

Construction Section

Aircraft Servicing/Ordnance Battalion

Aircraft-Technical and Maintenance Company

Aircraft-Technical and Supply Company

Object "Klek" (unit for the maintenance of the object, codename "Klek", also known as "object 505")


117. Fighter Regiment

124. Fighter Squadron

125. Fighter Squadron

These two squadrons shared 30 MiG-21 (25 single-seat and 5 two-seat training aircraft)

In wartime the Regiment would also command 129. Fighter Squadron (in peacetime with 185. Fighter-Bomber Regiment at Pula)

Peacetime strength: 280 men, 64 of them pilots

Wartime strength: 520 men, 95 of them pilots

352. Recce Squadron (6 MiG-21M with US-made recce pods)


200. Light Air Defense Artillery/Missile Regiment

HQ/HQ Company

1. Battery with 8 to 12 20/3mm AA-guns

2. Battery with 6 40mm Bofors AA-guns, Giraffe-Radar

3. Battery with Strela 1M/2M


51. Air Control ("VOJIN") Battalion


Air Control Squadron on Pljesevica Mountain (near the air base)

Air Control Squadron at Zadar

Air Control Squadron on Kozara Mountain (near Prijedor)

Air Control Platoon (operating AN/TPS-70-radar)

Administrative and Base Operating Company

Signal Company

Technical Platoon


The source does not mention the 352. Electronic Reconnaissance Squadron that also was based at Bihac-Zeljava. Maybe there is an error and it was mixed up with the 352. Recce Squadron.



NOTE: Thanks to Bojan for help with translation and some useful corrections

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I have reason to believe that some ot the Motorized Brigades, especially in the 1. and 3. VO, did not exist as such in 1990. They eventually were created after the breakup of Yugoslavia and before were Rifle Regiments only. On the other hand some more Brigades/Regiments should have existed in Bosnia, but most bosnian sources give orbats of civil war formations only. However, the JNA-orbat is still a puzzle. It got bigger and bigger the last weeks but still is very incomplete.

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Corected number of ATGMs:

Sagger - 1400 instead of 600 launchers - 600 was a amount aquired until 1975. and it does not include domestic production. 1400 is total amount aquired+produced - so somewhat less then that would be realy available.


Fagot - acording to the OSCE FRY had 250 launchers in 2002. Considering that none were aquired after 1990.* that is about smalest number JNA had.


Dragon - those were actualy aquired and manual was writen - however before formal introduction those were replaced by Fagot, so Dragon was put in reserves.


*As far as I could find out.


Also added RCLs.

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RV i PVO aircraft holdings



NOTE. Sources vary. Remarks and corrections are from Bojan who added very detailed data.



14 MiG-29A (fighter)

2 MiG-29UM (trg)


100 to 112 MiG-21bis/MF (fighter)

14 to 18 MiG-21UM (trg)

10 MiG-21R/F (recce)

Some of the MiG-21M/MF were converted to a recce birds. Most sources give 139 total for 1991.


40 J-22 Orao (fighter-bomber)

15 NJ-22 Orao (trg)

26 IJ-22 Orao (recce)

9 INJ-22 Orao (recce)

Total was 81 produces, with 73 being in service in 1991.


60 J-21 Jastreb (attack)

12 NJ-21 Jastreb (trg)

38 IJ-21 Jastreb (recce)

There were also some INJ-21. Total number for 1991. is a 110


25 G-2 Galeb (trg)

70 servicable in 1991.


60 G-4 Super Galeb (trg)

68 in 1991. - total production was 68 for JRV and 8 for Burma.


25 to 40 J-20 Kraguj (light attack)

32 available in two ELABA in 1991.


30 to 70 UTVA-75 (trg)

30 is a number in JRV, rest were in the flight clubs/JAT - but those were supposed to be used by TO/JRV in case of war.


50 UTVA-66 (liaison, trg)

40 UTVA-60 (trg)

Again, few of those were formaly in JRV


6 An-2 (tsp)

7 in 1991.


11 to 12 An-12 (tsp)

Only two were ever operated by JRV, and one crrashed fhile flying earthquake relief in Erevan.


14 to 15 An-26 (tsp)

15 in 1991.


6 Yak-40 (VIP tsp, calibration)

2 Falcon-20 (VIP tsp)

2 to 4 Learjet-25 (VIP tsp)

2 to 4 Do-28D (VIP tsp)


9 PC-6 (tsp, army-operated)


4 CL-215 (SAR/fire-fighting)

ASW (depth charges) also. :lol:


14 SA-316 Alouette III (comms)


6 to 8 Ka-25 (ASW)


2 to 3 Ka-28 (ASW)

2 in 1991.


4 Mi-14 (ASW)


80 Mi-8 (tsp/assault)

There were also few (two?) HT-40 PED - those were local EW versions of Mi-8.


31 to 53 Gazelle (misc)

36 Gazelle GAMA (anti-tank)

32 Gazelle GAMA-2 (anti-tank)

21 Gazelle HERA (recce)

20 Gazelle (trg)

HN-42M GAMA - 36

HI-42 HERA - 21

HS-45 - 5 (SAR)

HN-45M GAMA-2 - 32 (about 12-16 of those were equiped with night vision for pilot gunners night sight/LRF and fully capable of operating at night)

HI-45 HERA - 4 (also fully night capable)

HO-42/HO-45 - 53 (basic helo)



This also leaves flight clubs and police helos/planes - lot of those were supposed to be used by TO in case of war (eg flight clubs UTVA-75 had MG pods with 7.62mm AA-52 MGs and police Bell 212 had armament pods also).

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To Bojan: In your posting at NATO OOB Mk. VII you say that there were 16 Frog-7 Missiles available, 12 active and 4 reserve holdings. I think that should complete your excellent equipment holding list.


Do you have numbers of land-based anti-ship missile holdings too?

IISS, Military Balance, volume 1990/1991, lists SS-C-3 (truck-mounted SS-N-2) but gives no number. Yugoslav sources available to me mix them up with ship-based Styx-Missiles. The land-based were at the 108. Coastal Artillery Brigade in the Boka*, hidden in underground facilities. These anti-ship-missiles could have been a serious problem for any naval force entering the Adriatic.



*for people not so good in geography, Americans for example: Boka is the short term for Boka Kotorska, the Bay of Kotor, a fjord-like natural harbour in Montenegro.

Well ... where the hell is Montenegro? And who is this Adriatic? :P

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Got some information about the Protection Regiments. They were formed during the late 80's as security guard units for the three Army District Headquarters. Till now i could identify only two of them, the one in Belgrade-Topcider (46. Protection Brigade, some sources say it was 93. or 95.) and the one in Dugo Selo near Zagreb (65.- one source claims 5. - Protection Brigade. This one was later on, during the civil war, transferred to the Bosnian Serbs Army and based in Han Pijesak). No idea if the Maritime Military District (VPO) had one too.



Protection Regiment ("zastitni puk")



Military Police Bn

Special Forces unit ("odred", must be company-size)

"vod za izlaganje stanja u vazdusnom prostoru" * (Air Reporting Plt)

In wartime the Regiment additonally got the following units:


Motorized Bn

Light Air Defense Missile Group

Engineer Coy

NBC-Defense Plt



*help with translation needed!

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To Bojan: In your posting at NATO OOB Mk. VII you say that there were 16 Frog-7 Missiles available, 12 active and 4 reserve holdings. I think that should complete your excellent equipment holding list.


Yes I will add them..


Do you have numbers of land-based anti-ship missile holdings too?


IIRC 16 launchers but I don't remember how and where where I found that number... :blink: So I will not post it until I check it...

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"vod za izlaganje stanja u vazdusnom prostoru" *


Lit. - "Platoon for presenting air activity". Think Battle of Britain movie and big map on table where models representing squadrons/patrolls are moved - thats it.

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"Platoon for presenting air activity"


Thought something like this... tanks a lot, what would i do without your help!

Hope for them they improved their methods since the Battle of Britain ... :)

I will translate it as "Air Reporting Platoon", that would fit a little better to english military terminology

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Hope for them they improved their methods since the Battle of Britain ... :)

Yes, those were reasonably modern - most of the equipment was from early-mid '80s... All posts were linked with all manner of communication with multiple redundancies built in - even in 1999. there was not a single break in communications between those and RV/PVO.


Edit - once again number of AT-3 launcher changed, as I have found that:

600 were imported from SU in 1968-1975.

~800 infantry and 750* vehicle mounted were produced in 1975-1990.

200 infantry launchers were exported


So that leaves ~1200 infantry launchers available in theory to JNA. Considering that one brigade was supposed to have 58 infantry launchers that would be barely enough for 20 brigades - but when reserve stock and ones that were retired due the age/malfunction I would say that 15 brigades equipped with those would be closer to real numbers.

Also added which units had Fagot launchers.


*519 M-80A + some (~50 IIRC) M-80 IFVs made - that leaves 180 for other vehicles - only other domestic vehicle that used AT-3 is POLO M-83 (BOV with maljutka) - so either more launchers were produced then was mounted on vehicles, or number of vehicles I have is incorect.

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The Yugoslav coast was protected by a huge number of coastal artillery batteries. They were fortified and controlled mainly the approaches to the harbours. Many of them were situated on the rocky islands off the mainland, in some cases far out like at the - strongly militarized - islands of Vis and Lastovo. The adriatic waters were surveillanced by costal radars and observation posts. Some of the installations dated back to the 19th century and german WW-II-guns (88mm) were still in use. I dont't believe that anyone would have been so furious to land a Marine Brigade on the rugged dalmatian coast. Maybe some small Seal-, SBS- oder Speznaz-teams. Only Sweden and - in some aspects - Norway and Denmark operated a static coast defense of similar size, but these countries really had to face the danger of invasion by sea. However, during my work on the JNA-orbat i stumbled over several of the batteries. The list is not complete, i will update it when i have more time for that.


Smokvica (88mm)



-Marinca rat (88mm)



-Razanj (85mm)



-Raznjic (4x 88mm)

-Privala (2x 85mm)

-Velo Dance (2x 85mm)

-Blace (2x 76mm, mobile)

-Racisce (1x 76mm, mobile)

-Berkovica (2x 85mm)



-Loviste (2x 76mm, mobile)

-Trpanjska Duba (2x 76mm, mobile)

-Prapratna (85 mm)













(totals for Zirje: 5x 130mm, 5x 100mm, 20x 85mm)








Sipan (88mm)









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Dragoner, I'm a member there, and IMO you will hardly get anything better than you know already. I may send PM to moderators to change the topic title, but I doubt that anybody who served during that period visits the forum, at least not on regular basis.

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Dragoner, I'm the member there, and IMO you will hardly get anything better than you know already. I may send PM to moderators to change the topic title, but I doubt that anybody who served during that period visits the forum, at least not on regular basis.



Hm... that's disappointing. Well, I think it was worth the try. I more and more wonder about (former) yugoslav public sources. There is intense discussion on online military plattforms with people telling the brightest details - and then no one there who got the bigger picture.

However... thank's a lot for your help, kNiks!

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Well.. it seems to be that I was wrong. :)


107. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Radovići

108. Coastal Missile Brigade, Radovići (P-20/SS-N-2C Styx)


203. Mixed Artillery Brigade, Aleksinac

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Well, of this kind of disappointment I would like to get more ... :) Though I believe the 203. Mixed Artillery Brigade location is wrong for the time we are talking about (1990): In my knowledge the Brigade was formed 1988 at Nis and dislocated to Aleksinac 1996.

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