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Tanknet Authors (by popular request)

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About 12 years ago, I had a story posted in "All About Beer Magazine". It was entitled "Beer In Revolutionary War America" or A Revolutionary War Red-Coat's tale of ale.


What the hell! It bought some groceries that week!


I've also got a historical novel finished and another in the making.

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I haven't been writing about tanks or any modern military subject, but have done some articles and lectures on Napoleonic matters (in Danish).


I've specialised in Austria and Bavaria in the 1813 autumn campaign and have a long term plan for some serious research, perhaps a PhD and a book on the Austrian role in the campaign and especially Leipzig. My overall hypothesis is a greater Austrian contribution than is usually acknowledged and how that is related to 2nd half 19th century (Prussian) history writing , and how much present day (Anglo-Saxon) history writing is based on those Prussians. I especially find it interesting how Schwarzenberg's (Radetzky's) operational orders have been misunderstood.


My interest started when doing reseach for wargames. I wondered how the Austrians could be as clumsy and lacklustre as usuallay described when they usually ended op top. I really started "seeing the light" when I through the fabulous Garison Library here in Copenhagen got access to early 19th century writing on the subject. Not only was a treasure of new first hand accounts revealed but most events were seen in a different light.


I'm not far from having the basis of a popular version of "New Light on Leipzig", but I still need years of work on the serious and tedious documentation part (of which a lot will have to be at the archives in Wienna), both on campaign itself and on the later historywriting (which always involves the risk of the sources after all not being able to support my hypthesis - which alse means thet the popular version will have to wait for the serious).


BTW I can recommend a modern (US) writer on the subject: George Nafziger. He has done a number of superb books on Napoleonic matters, incl. one on the autumn campaign. He leaves it to the reader to conclude, but gives very detailed accounts and has found his (primary) sources outside the usual suspects. He is also a splendid supplier of OoB's.




Steffen Redbeard

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I am making the only Bulgarian-language website about WWII tanks and contrary to most sites out there, I'm not just quoting other sites, but mostly Jentz, Spielberger and co, so I would say it's a pretty good site :P. Apart from that, some college papers on Napoleon, and that's it for now (hopefully).

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I have a 7-page article in this month's "Nikkei Electronics" magazine, titled: QVGA 15 frame-per-second H.264 Decoder Consuming Less than 200mW. (Starts on pg 212)


Does THAT count?


Of course, it is all in Japanese, and it does not mention a single modern or WWII AFV, so I'm not sure my fame will spill over to this particular venue.


Oh well...


-Mark 1

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A wee little update to my post way back when...


My Essay on my follies in trying to join the Air Force was nixed by myself, but I am writing (right now actually) a paper for my Modern Russia class about Admiral Gorshkov's role in creating a "balanced fleet" for the Soviet Navy. I desperately want it to stay under 3000 words so I can publish it in Proceedings. In other news, you can read my other current project on Right here.


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Have an article awaiting publication by Armor Magazine...they are trying to find space for it....Will have a few quotes in one of Michael Green's books, coming out in April...


Currently researching US WWI tank development...Doing a photo-documentary on Jacques Littlefield's Panther A, which will end up being a sort of walkaround and technical observations on it's construction...

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Another update: the book which Max Popenker and I wrote together: 'Assault Rifle: the Development of the Modern Military Rifle and its Ammunition' was published last month - see http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/Assault%20Rifle.htm


And my alternative WW2 novel is on the way...more later!


Tony Williams: Military gun and ammunition website and Discussion forum

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Originally posted by Tiornu:

By the way, my recent sale on FLEETS OF WORLD WAR II for $10 was popular enough to prompt me to extend it up to Christmas. If you want a signed copy, write to me at my screen name @att.net .


I am waiting on "Fleets of WWI"

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Originally posted by Dan Robertson:

I have just remmebered the one and only time my words have appeared in print.


I wrote into Focus Magazine (UK equivilent to Pop mechanics) after they named the Leclerc as "the best tank in the world" to "Educate" them out of this belief.


My letter to Time Magazine (Asian Edition IIRC) was published in 2000 I think. It was written in reaction to an article about our former president Estrada. The letter was a "scathing attack" on his administration. A few months after, same president appointed my auntie to the court. Hehehe, my parents were all hush-hush and told me NOT to mention the issue to my auntie (lest she nukes me hehehe)


OT - not on print, but my name was also mentioned at BBC's ClickOnLine tv program, thanking me (and some others) for a comment on anti-pop-up software. My five minutes (make that 2-seconds!) of global fame.

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And now for something completely different:


The Foresight War


A novel of an alternative World War 2 by Anthony G Williams


What if – you went to sleep as usual in 2004 – and woke up in 1934?

What if – you had vital knowledge about the forthcoming Second World War, and could prove that you came from the future?

What could you do to affect British policy, strategy, tactics and equipment?

How might the course of the conflict be changed?

And what if there was another throwback from the future – and he was working for the enemy?

The novel follows the story of these two 'throwbacks' as they pit their wits against each other. A very different Second World War rages across Europe, the Mediterranean, Russia, the North Atlantic and the Pacific, until its shocking conclusion.


This book may be purchased online, or very shortly in paperback

To read the first chapter and for ordering details, click on my website link below


Tony Williams: Military gun and ammunition website and Discussion forum

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Originally posted by Hans Engstrom:

Read the first chapter, seems like fun. How do we go about getting an autographed copy?


That tends to be tricky, since the postal rates and currency conversion charges usually add up to more than the cost of the book! I do use Paypal, which is probably the best method for purchases outside the UK.



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Perhaps I should have added that there are around 35 pages of appendices, mainly listing the equipment, aircraft, ships etc mentioned in the novel and whether they were historical, modified or fictional. Otherwise the later chapters could get a bit confusing


Tony Williams: Military gun and ammunition website and discussion


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Tony: Pray pray PRAY that my sisters get either "The Foresight War" or "Assault Rifles" for Christmas! They've been asking me what I want for a gift. I said "Assault Rifles" or "The Foresight War" (I could've said 'Both' but that's too much )


Checked Amazon.com. Still no listing. But at Amazon.co.uk, TFW is listed there.


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