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Bulgarian Armored Vehicles 1933-1945

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picked up a copy last year on Ebay from Bulgaria, about £12 all in. There is a companion book on trucks now I think.

Marvellous book by the way!


Yes I have that one as well but it's BG only.

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OK since I haven't sent Leo's copy yet perhaps I could send two to one of you? Leo - you have any Berlin business soon?...


Please let me know guys if it'll work out if I send two books to one of you; I wish we knew this a little earlier, I would just have sent them to Dave and then Leo could get his when he went to the birthday party.

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Hi Fritz,

I was at the birthday party in Berlin (27. – 30.07.2012).

I am fine with you sending my copy to Dave in Berlin. We will be seeing each other sometime again, anyway.


Let me know what works for you.

All the best


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Yeah I know you were, that's why I said that if I knew earlier you and Dave would want a copy of the book it would have worked out easily.


I want to combine shipping only if you'll see him sometime in the next 1-2 months, if you plan on seeing him in a year I'd just mail it separately. :)

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