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Frontline short docs, watch part six, militia infiltration, all the way and pay close attention the last couple of minutes or so.




(insert sarcasm) you mean the Muslims are not honest with the Coalition. The shock, the horror, the dismay! (exit sarcasm)

And in other news: It's all about the Tribes...Dem's cower, call for surrender...General Nelson A. Miles reincarnates...Iraq population down by 95%. :P

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1965 Anti-pornography film. Apparently pornographers were trying to undermine Western civilization.




And, haven't they undermined it, sort-of?


When I drove through Vegas a few years ago, there were HUGE signs advertising porn-related stuff along the freeway at pretty regular intervals, it seemed to me. Likewise, in several states, I've seen similar aqdvertising along the interstates. That wouldn't have been possible in 1965, when the (admittedly dated) film was made. I think it arguable that easy access to porn has changed our society in some ways, and mostly negatively.


Do you think society is healthier now than in 1965? I know, as a Christian, I am supposed to be opposed to all fun, but that isn't the case. Sex is great, in the bounds of marriage, and pretty much anything that a husband and wife want to do together is OK. I certainly was once a consumer of porn myself, and only in recent years have really tried to get away from it. I've been good for a long time now, but the stuff is addicting. Christian men are every bit as tempted by sexual sins as anyone else, but I'm at an age now where I can see that it does damage to some folks, like any other addiction.


Yeah, I think Western Civ has taken a bit of a hit from porn. I say it as one who was once hooked on images of Danish girls and their partners, mostly, as that's where most of it came from 30 years ago when I lived in Europe. TMI, maybe; I just want to be honest, and say that I can see this issue from both sides. For me, the negatives far outweigh any benefit, when it comes to porn.


I've had my say. I now return you to your video clip program, already in progress...

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Nightwish's "Wishmaster" will never be the same. :lol:



More misheard lyrics.


Etc., etc. (see sidebar).




And for the record, Nightwish is a guilty pleasure for me, which makes it even funnier.

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M1 shooting IED near the road with coax (probably):




Clearing IED in trash pile with a T-72 (with sudden explosion in the near distance and a soldier screaming "Dude" this and "Dude" that etc.):



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