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I thought of posting the Hot Fuzz clip, but it's there as an example of "local yokel" policing, whereas the (nearly mature) cygnet example was taken off the London ring road. (Leatherhead is at about 8 O'clock on that highway to hell.)

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From the perspective of Hot Fuzz being a parody of 1990s police action movies, it stands for, literally, the wild goose chase that's usually thrown in to extend the plot line past the 90 minute feature film run length. And of course, it's the perfect setup for

a. a running gag, literally, and

b. the rule of always having to defeat the villain twice (or have him escape and meet his demise on his own accord or fate delivering justice, typically by stealing a plane or car with a hungry tiger on board)

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On the Bristol Centaurus, and how the 10 years spent trying to perfect sleeve valves doomed a very promising engine.


Very interesting comments, also.

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Some interesting things going on with currency and banking;


CBDCs and banking regs seem to be taking us towards citizens being turned into subjects via a social credit score. 



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