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Boeing tries to peddle more F-15E's


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I'll have to dig out the source but apparently Rockwell proposed a version of the B-1 with the F-14's AWG-9 and Phoenix missiles as an escort to the air bridge to Europe and ship convoys.  The Russians, too, thought of this and were thinking of a version of the Tu-160 with air-to-air missiles to intercept the air bridge (C-141s, C-5s, CRAF, etc.) over the North Atlantic.  That would have been interesting to have jet bombers shooting down other jet bombers...


Great minds think alike! :D

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Or weight 10,000 lbs more & cost twice as much as the F/A-18C/D!  :o


Do you seriously believe that the F/A-18C/D could have been developed into a better replacement for the A-6 (replacing the F-14 came later although there were those who say that comming too) than the F-15E.



Well I always thought that the F-14D was the natural answer to replace the Intruder. However that option was destroyed long ago, when Cheney ordered all the tooling for F-14 production destroyed. Modernize the F-14 and give it avionics comparable to the Strike Eagle and the Navy would have had a great multirole plane. The plane in combination with C/D Hornets woudl have made a nice airwing.


On a navalized F-15, hmm Boeing faield to built a useabel Super Hornet, I do not want to think about what they might have done to the Navaleagle.

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